Gi Review: 93 Brand - Tau - BJJ's Softest Gi

 93 Brand is a relatively new American fight apparel company. The "TAU" is their latest white model. Super soft. Soft soft soft.

 Disclosure and cost:
The fantastic guys at sent me this gi to review. sell the 93 Brand Tau gi for $139.99 which works out to around £92. 

Gi Review:
The first thing that hits you with the Tau gi is the incredible softness. Imagine the softest hotel towel you've ever rubbed your face into. This gi is softer!

It's a very light and breathing gi. If your jiujitsu academy / gym is cold, this will not provide much warmth but if it's a hot place this is the gi for you.

Shoulder patch
Drawstring and loopy loops
Gi skirt embroidery
Embroidery on the pant leg near the ankle cuffs
Groinage: Pearl weave
Tau - Stylish gi
The gi pants are light but very sturdy
The weave, if that interests you, is a 450gsm gold weave. Translation: 1.6kg! Super light and super soft.

You're probably thinking this is a perfect gi: Light, soft, stylish and competition legal colour.

You're not far off.

The gi I was sent is an A2, measurements below: 

Probably the simplest Gi Map you've ever seen :)
Wing Span : 169 cm (66 1/2 inch)
Wrist Cuff: 16 cm (6.5 inch)
Jacket Length: 79 cm (31 inch)
Jacket Width: 64 cm (25 inch)

Waist Width: 55 cm (21 1/2 inch)
Outside Leg Measurement: 98 cm (38 1/2 inch)
Inside LM: 70 cm (27 1/2 inch)
Ankle Cuff: 22 1/2 cm (9 inch)

After a few washes:

Wing Span : 160 cm (63 inch)
Wrist Cuff: 16 cm (6.5 inch)
Jacket Length: 76 cm (30 inch)
Jacket Width: 60 cm (23 1/2 inch)

Waist Width: 55 cm (21 1/2 inch)
Outside Leg Measurement: 97 cm (38 inch)
Inside LM: 69 cm (27 inch)
Ankle Cuff: 22 1/2 cm (9 inch)

Significant shrinkage in parts of the jacket. The pants where more or less unchanged.

For someone with relatively short arms, this didn't disturb me at all. Besides, 93 Brand make a list of sizes from tall to short, fitted to generous...etc.

Just keep the shrinkage in mind and, when in doubt, use the guarantee :)

Here are some brief info tidbits from the
  • 450 GSM Gold Weave jacket
  • 12 oz. brushed cotton pants
  • Extended knee reinforcements
  • Gold weave crotch gusset
  • White/Blue "position/submission" taping
  • Light blue contrast stitching
  • High-quality embroideries
  • Stretchy cord drawstring
  • The third Gi from 93 Brand, the Tau, is here. And it's a beauty. The gold weave jacket and brushed cotton pants have a bright, clean white finish. The stitching is a soft baby blue which is also used for the logos (which are 100% embroidered). All of the interior seams are taped with custom 93 Brand ribbon that won't irritate your skin. A stretchy cord drawstring makes it easy to tie and untie, and is held up by 6 loops.
  • "Tau" is the Greek letter that is used to represent torque in physics. A clever move by 93 Brand, considering the important role torque plays in many of our favorite techniques.

In short? a fantastically soft gi that affords your opponent a lot of gripping and will shrink a lot in some dimensions. Did I mention it's really soft?! 


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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