BJJ gi review: Globetrotters Travel Gi

BJJ Globetrotters Travel Gi gets reviewed. Wow!

So exactly how thin is a completely ripstop travel gi from the BJJ Globetrotters, spearheaded by captain Blond-fro Christian Graugart, well thin enough to comfortably wear under my work suit.  

It really is that thin and comfortable, I wore it under my work suit to demonstrate.

Gi measurements, out of the bag:

Weight: 1.1 kg!!!

Outside leg 39.5" 100cm
Inside leg 29.5" 75cm
Cuff 9.5" 24cm
Waist 21.5" 55cm

Span 65" 165cm
Height 32" 82cm
Width 23" 59cm
Cuff 6.75" 17cm

Fantastically light, as you'd expect from a ripstop gi yet very comfortable too. If you've ever owned a ripstop gi and hated the way it can cling to you like the cheap karate gis many of us wore when we first started. This gi, however, remains comfortable throughout the session. I took this gi with me to visit a BJJ academy in Brighton down in the south of England and I was very happy with how light my bag was and with it's performance. If the IBJJF ever allow ripstop gis, this is definitely the one I'd take with me. 

PS. My gi came without the large patch

Stylistically, I really likes the minimalist flavour that Christian and his team has gone with. Not that I would want to add to the weight with patches (seriously, what's the point?), but if I wanted to I could. The only stylings were the embroidered brand logos placed tastefully around the shoulders and pant legs. 

Hip branding at the hip

Cord and hoops

"White Belts Are People Too!"

BJJ Globetrotters Branding

BJJ Globetrotters Branding & hem

BJJ Globetrotters Branding & cuff hem

Fly with me, come fly with me

Gi jacket skirt a bird!
Here is the official word from the Globetrotter team:


This is the perfect gi to bring for your travels! Takes up extremely little space in your backpack/suitcase and dries in no time after you’ve washed it. High quality material and build, this gi will last for years on the road!
  • Super light ripstop jacket and pants
  • Perfect to bring for traveling
  • Fast drying
  • Beautiful embroideries
  • Large BJJ Globetrotters patch
  • 100% IBJJF competition illegal
  • Includes a free eBook copy of “The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Globetrotter”
Any questions? Contact us on Actual people will actually answer your email, promise!

The Travel Gi is currently going for an introductory price of $149, including a free e-book.

I'd like to thank my man Christian and the rest of the Globetrotters team for sending me this awesome, super light and super fast-drying BJJ product to review.

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