BJJ in Rochdale: Open house at Rocha BJJ


With my man Kamil
My friend and BJJ purple belt (not to mention 2nd degree judo black belt) Kamil Tomaszewski who runs a very welcoming judo and jiujitsu academy up in Rochdale, north of Manchester, asked me to come help him a week or so ago at his open house. I met Kamil when he came down to an interclub a while back and we started chatting. I found out he too is from a Royler Gracie lineage (through Eduardo Rocha, 4th degree black belt). We also co-refereed at other events so it was really nice to be able to go up and offer any help I could.

 I showed up on the designated Sunday at 10 o'clock and taught jiujitsu for approximately 3 hours to a group of approximately 6 adults and 25 children. Some of the children had done a bit of judo and most of the adults had done 3-8 months of jiujitsu so planning a lesson that kept everyone engaged, entertained and excited was a challenge, but one I enjoy.

I had a blast at the event, but most importantly the participants seemed to do that too. In fact, the feedback I received from Kamil and the attending parents was excellent and very encouraging.

After the event, there was a short opportunity for me to spend some time just with the adults to refine one or two concepts. I'd have loved to spend more time teaching and of course sparring but my ribs were still very tender.

If you live in the area, especially if you have children, I warmly recommend you go pay them a visit. As much as my schedule will allow me, I will be visiting them to train, teach and learn.



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