22 Fat-Loss Tips That Work - But in BJJ / Grappling Terms!

Let me start by saying that this is NOT a weight-loss post!

As some of you know, one of my favourite books is Anita Bean's "Food for Fitness". It's a great book that tells you what to eat to enhance performance. It centres around everyday items like bananas, porridge, coffee and eggs and while there are many other books that do that (believe me I've read many!) what's awesome about this one is that it addresses the questions of "how much" and "when" to eat! Just yesterday I used it to time the consumption of my cereal bar before my session and my recovery shake and meal and I had one of the best BJJ sessions ever!

But enough about the book - well, almost.

A cool section in the book is titled: 22 Fat-Loss Tips That Work and, inspired by the Fightworks Podcast interview with Mr Dave Camarillo where he urges the listeners to read from a wide range of topics and try to apply the knowledge to BJJ / Grappling, I decided to give you Anita's tips, but completely twisted to address BJJ / Grappling training rather than weight loss. As a bonus, I will put the original tip at the bottom.

Naturally, since the 22 is a lotta tips, I will break it up in 2-3 posts. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Do several, smaller sessions: The best way to learn anything really but especially something as demanding as BJJ / Grappling is to restrict your training to 1hr sessions and do a number of them. If you can, do several in a day. Naturally, they can't all be hard sparring. Personally, I do a dynamic yoga and stretching session in the morning before work (30-45 minutes), a light strength, core and balance session at lunch time (30-45 minutes) and 2 hr sessions on the mat 2-4 days per week. To me, it's all BJJ / Grappling.

Original tip: Eat several, smaller meals.

2. Limit your technique choices: Bruce Lee once said: You want to learn how to punch? Punch! If you want your triangles to get sharper, limit yourself to only using triangles for a month. Something amaxing will start to happen: You will start seeing triangles from angles you never thought about!

Original tip: Limit your food choices.

3. Center your practice around smaller areas the game: Dedicating a month or two to getting solid at mount and side control escapes will give your overall game and confidence a much bigger boost than trying to "get better at everything!" in that month or two.

Original tip: Practice portion control.

4. Don't ban fun techniques: There is nothing wrong with blending in crazy-ass flying techniques and funky shizzle into your overall roll. The flying armbar shouldn't be your only sub but it sure is fun to play around sometimes!

Original tip: Don't ban your favourite foods.

5. Don't skip breakfast. I don't want to change that one. If you have a suggestion please post a comment but I really like this one just the way it is.

6. Never, ever skip the warm-up phase. If you are like the absolute majority of BJJ / Grappling practitioners around the world, you are a Part-Time Grappler. You probably have a job or go to school = sit around for several hours per day. This means your basic physiology is on a different setting than that needed for rolling around with a resisting partner of similar weight. Your awareness is not there. Your eye-hand-foot-hip coordination is still sound asleep. Wake it all up with a nice progressive warm-up.

Original tip: Start with salad.

7. Pay attention to rest and recovery. I remember reading a blog post by Rosi Sexton about recovery (highly recommended read) that made me buy less recovery pills and shakes and sleep more and eat better!

Original tip: Sleep more.

Sorry for such a long post and I hope you liked these. Part two coming soon.

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Meerkatsu said...

Cool tips!
Where did the Gr-apple photo come from? It's brilliant!

mikethomas84 said...

awesome. Remind me that I could do with shedding a few pounds :)

The Part Time Grappler said...

Haha thanks for the kind words dude! I usually google something related and then make something up but this one just fell into my lap when I googled: Food for Grappling

The Part Time Grappler said...

@Mike. Thanks buddy. I just remember both my wife and I wanting a book that told us what we NEED to eat everyday. How much fibre, how much protein, how much fruit...etc. and Anita's book was perfect! It gives so many tools to 1. analyse what (when and how much) you are already eating and 2. what adjustments you need to make.

Best of luck and keep us uptodate with how it's going.

graham said...

this is why I love your blog. Great stuff mate, looking forward to part 2 and adding the Anita Bean book to my amazon wish list for xmas :)

The Part Time Grappler said...

That is such a wonderful and great thing of you to take the time and say to me. Many thanks Graham.

It's an awesome book.

SkinnyD said...

I like! I thought a lot about that Dave Camarillo interview, too, especially the comment about applying other things in life to jiu-jitsu. You did a great job of that here.

Not trying to plug, but several months ago I had been reading a business book called Linchpin by Seth Godin. The book talks about overcoming fear and being an "artist" in your work, and it applies beautifully to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I did a post on it a while back, but it got lost in the obscurity of the internet. You're making me think I ought to re-write it and try again.

The Part Time Grappler said...

@SkinnyD Yes oh please do re-publish it. I love Seth! I got acquainted with his work thru the Gaping Void gallery by another artist: Hugh McLeod. Drop me a line as soon as you publish your post.

Family Mat-ters said...

It took a long time for me to learn #7 - sleep more. I'm glad I finally came to my senses. (jen)

The Part Time Grappler said...

@jen I know! How bizarre! I always think there is something I should be reading, learning or buying to help me when all I need is a system-shut-down :o)