Hiding Behind Symbols: A Presidential Example

While I was at the gym not half an hour ago I saw the American president Mr Barack Obama deliver a speach to the Fortune magazine's 2010 "Most Powerful Women Summit." Unfortunately, SkyNews was less interested in the content of the speach and simply wanted to highlight that midway thru it, the presidential seal attached to the podium simply fell off.

The seal, which is a well known symbol and is indeed the official coat of arms of the U.S. presidency, is of course an important symbol of power. It doesn't matter who you are and what you have to say, if you stand behind that symbol, people will pay attention to you and the words coming out of your mouth.

But this is not a post about the power of symbols (although I think I will give that a bash in a future post). When that seal fell, it did not shake Mr Obama's confidence or interrupt his flow.

"That's OK. You all know who I am"

Remember that next time you come to a BJJ class and notice you left your belt at home or, heavens forbid, get caught by someone with less experience than you.

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