Key Moo Raa, and Other Bent Armlocks in BJJ / Grappling

Bent armlocks are by far the most available attacks from any position in BJJ / grappling for many reasons:

1. That's one of the best positions to protect yourself on the bottom
2. The bigger the opponent, the tighter their shoulders are (usually)
3. To escape, they usually give you something else just as good (a straight armbar or a choke)

Manik did a great session around entry from side control top into a variety of bent armlocks during yesterday's BJJ fundamentals session.

I suppose calling them armlocks is a misnomer strictly speaking since they actually affect the shoulder joint but that's what they are called.

To me the greatest value in them lies in the words of the awesome Saulo in Revolution 1 series: you either protect the neck or you protect the knee in the belly... And whichever you choose, you open yourself up for a bent armlock.

Knee on belly to Kimura opportunity
Breadcutter choke to Americana opportunity
If you've been reading this blog for a while you probably know that my number one priority from side control is to mount. Yes I attack the arms and the neck but primarily because I want that knee in the belly or step over to the mount. There transitions are, in my eyes, the essence of part-time grappling. Get on top and the rest will follow.

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