What Refreshes You After BJJ / Grappling Sessions?

I'm usually very thirsty rather than hungry after sessions on the BJJ / Grappling mat. To be fair, I enjoyed the following drink after a session at the gym (treadmill, core and stretching) not on the mat but nonetheless:

It looks different. It looks like the green stuff Robert Downie Jr drinks in Iron Man

Put a coarsley chopped cucumber (yes a whole one! Wash first!) in the blender, let it run through a fine sieve and enjoy cold. Yum!

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Anonymous said...

I like to have one of the following:

a) grilled chicken skewers + chocolate milk
b) protein smoothie from Smoothie King

Either will do. :)

The Part Time Grappler said...

Yum! These sound excellent! I remember calculating the protein:Carb ration in chocolate milk and finding that it's perfect for post-workout recovery!

Family Mat-ters said...

May not sound like the healthiest option, but I love a cold glass of chocolate milk. It's actually not such a bad idea either :). (Jen)


The Part Time Grappler said...

@Jen No not at all a bad idea. As a mat-ter of fact (see what I did there!) it's a great idea!!!!

The perfect ratio between carbs and protein for a recovery drink is 14grabs of carbs to every 4g of protein in a 100ml and choco milk usually hovers around that and (at least here in the UK) it's usually made with low fat milk. It's a big winner.