BJJ / Grappling Academy Visit: Lucio Sergio Lifestyle BJJ in Manchester City Centre

As a high-school teacher, half term is a great opportunity to go around to new BJJ academies and sampling the fantastic instruction on offer. One such local school is the brand new Manchester City Centre branch of Lucio Sergio Dos Santos BJJ Lifestyle.

Lucio is a well established and decorated Gracie Barra professor and, aside from heading the Manchester branch of Gracie Barra, he spreads the art through his own brand Lucio Sergio BJJ Lifestyle.

I was welcomed at the door (inside Frank's MMA within the legendary Van Dang building, Piccadilly) by a group of friendly guys waiting for Lucio's arrival. He was soon there to open the door and let us all in for a very thorough and well structured session around attacks from side control. Lucio has a great eye for detail of both jiujitsu performance but also instruction. His English is more than enough to be understood with ease and his movement is smooth like a smooth thing.

In addition to training with Lucio and his gang, I had the pleasure of seeing my man, jiujitsu documentary film maker Mr Stuart Cooper. The great news is that Stuart will be spending a long time in Manchester and the north so this will not be the last time we train together, as he is very passionate about professor Lucio Sergio Dos Santos and we expect to many great collaborations between the two.

If you have the opportunity during the daytime* in Manchester city centre, please do take the opportunity to train with Lucio and his guys. The academy is beautiful, clean and in Lucio's own words:

"Feel at home, Liam. Feel at home."

*There are plenty of evening MMA classes at Frank's academy so at this moment in time, Lucio's classes are only on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the daytime (10.30 - 12.00)


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Andre said...

I knew that you knew you from somewhere! I've seen blog before! I had a great time training with you today. Hopefully we'll be able to this again!


Liam H Wandi said...

Thanks André. Yes I hope so too. Hook up on Facebook if you have it.