Kron Gracie MMA Debut: Breakdown Analysis

Jiujitsu and grappling phenom Kron Gracie, son of the founder of the Jiujitsu Global Federation, the legendary Rickson Gracie and grandson of the co-founder of Gracie Jiujitsu grand-master Helio Gracie, recently fought his MMA debut against Kim Hyung Su of Korea in the Japanese promotion "Real Fight Championships". You can watch the fight below:

Here's my breakdown of the fight as I saw it:

0:34 - the bell goes

0:35 - Kron (southpaw stance) approaches Kim (orthodox stance) with upright posture and pisao kicks to the knee

0:44 - after much circling, Kron uses his handwork to close the distance and establish a right necktie control and attempts to punch Kim with his left uppercuts and right knees as he pressures him towards the cage. Kim circles well and attempts a right uppercut of his own before disengaging. As they break off, Kron throws in a nice right (lead) hook for good measure.

0:49 - Kron once again chases Kim with his upright posture and pisao attempts

0:53 - Kim throw a nice cross punch which seems, as far as I can see, to connect and then a left hook which, I believe misses the target. Kron doesn't seem to be much affected by these and simply continues his pisao-fueled hunt

1:01 - a big fat over hand by Kim which the ref blocks from my view so I can't see if it landed at all. Kron seems fine so I'm guessing it didn't.

1:04 - Pisao - jab combo from Kron to close the distance but Kim times a nice jab of his own. Kron covers well and whacks (for the lack of a better word) another right necktie on Kim. You can see Kron's right foot lift off the ground but it's hard to guess why until a split second later you realise his left arm has an underhook and he jumps to closed guard.

1:08 - Kron's legs open to re-group and launch an attack. His left leg looks like it has locked Kim's shoulder.

1:09 - Kron's legs open up and regroup around Kim's waist. Kron's left arm reaches to control Kim's neck and posture as he sneaks in a cheeky right punch to his face.

1:12 - While maintaining nice control of Kim's posture with his left hand, Kron retracts his right elbow (and soon his hand) behind him to bring his upper body closer to Kim's and thus further close the distance. This keeps him very safe from any effective punches within the guard.

1:14 - Kim forces Kron back to his back and starts posting his left hand on Kron's right biceps. However, he still doesn't effectively do anything to remove Kron's control of his neck. Kim's posture is completely broken and dominated so the right hand body shots he tries to land couldn't have been that effective.

1:17 - Kron's legs open up again and he climbs for a similar control but he soon comes back to his back and punches Kim's face with his right hand.

1:23 - Kron switches controls. Now, his right hand swims under Kim's biceps post and is controlling Kim's posture while his left hand is doing something that the camera can't see.

1:24 - Kron's left leg climbs higher, seemingly over Kim's right shoulder. Kron returns to controlling with the left and punching Kim's face with the right.

1:28 - I hear the crown go "awwww" and I know they can see something I can't. A split second later I realise that Kron's leg control is actually a triangle set-up. Kron now uses both hands to transfer Kim's left arm across to tighten the triangle control / choke, while constantly feeding in punches and hammerfists to Kim's face.

1:33 - Kim starts to get off his knees and onto his feet. As he does this, he's turning the corner to retract his left elbow to safety and he's actively trying to bring his right arm back into the mix to avoid getting triangle choked.

1:34 - This is exactly what Kron was expecting! Expertly, Kron gets his left leg from over Kim's shoulder to over his face for a classic armbar from the guard

1:35 - Kim's momentum drops him forward while Kron still has perfect control of the arm lock.

1:36 - Kim taps. Referee stops the match. It's all over in 1min2sec

A very educational MMA match. There were a couple of micro-windows where Kron could have got seriously hurt, but otherwise, he was in control, especially from his closed guard. In fact, once the fight hit the ground, he was never in any real danger.

Congratulations to Kron, his team and his dad on the great debut success.



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