BJJ tips: How to defend the Baseball Bat Choke

How to defend the Baseball Bat Choke
The Baseball bat choke from the bottom (and from the top) is a very devestating jiujitsu technique that has put many BJJ fighters to sleep. If you are not sure which one I mean, here is a great demo by Relson Gracie black belt Robin Gieseler from Gracie Ohio:

A fantastically hard working blue belt at our academy has been catching eveyone lately with this great choke so I did my research into ways to counter this, other than all the tapping I've been doing and this is what I have come up with:

Jiujitsu master Caique shows how to use body positioning and weight placement to counter the choke:

The Baseball bat choke can also be initiated from the top, such as from the knee on belly position. Below is Renzo Gracie black belt Shawn Williams showing you how to perform the choke:

The best way I've found to counter this version is this nice variation by Rickson Gracie Coral belt Master Pedro Sauer:

You like those two variations of how to defend the baseball bat choke? Well here is the co-founder of the Jiu-Jitsu Global Federation Tony Pacenski showing you how to link the two techniques. How awesome is that!



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