BJJ / Grappling Tips: Prevent the guard pass - Ari Galo shows how he developed the best guard ever (no hands)

How do you prevent someone from passing your guard in jiujitsu? Without using your hands? In the video below that has been making the rounds on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, Carlson Gracie black belt Ari Galo shows us his method called "Balling Guard"
That's nice, but how does he do it? How does he move his legs and hips to nullify the passers attempts to get by? In this second video, he explains how he balls up to always be one step ahead of the opponent.


More drills: While the above is a fantastic skill to drill and add to your arsenal of guard retention techniques and strategies, check out the drill below by Ari. Initially, it look too simple but trust me as soon as you give it a go you will see opportunities to sweep, flip and even get back up to your feet. Fantastic guard skills from a reputable black belt.
Advanced jiujitsu application to the Granby roll:: Triangle choke from half guard by Ryan Hall
In the video below, we take the shoulder roll skill developed above (aka the Granby Roll) further and include it into a quick submission from the guard. Black Belt Ryan Hall shows how he caught countless opponents with his trademark submission: The triangle choke.

Why am I showing you all this, other than the fact that it's awesome skills demonstrated by very skilled black belts...full time athletes?
Because the skill of rolling over your shoulder to recover the guard is a fundamental movement skill. We're not looking at turning upside down necessarily. We are looking at adding a third dimension to the horizontal and vertical guard game most beginners have and thereby expanding your guard to an offensive monster!

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