BJJ Gi review: Submission FC Aura pants and assorted hemp TShirts.

These gi pants sold by Submission FC are by far, BY FAR, the softest gi pants I've ever put on. In fact, they just might be the softest thing I've ever worn.

Embroidered logo

– White with Navy Blue Contrast Stitching
– Pre-Shrunk Polyester / Cotton blend Gi Pants
– Rope Draw String
– Heavily Reinforced
– 5 Draw String Loops

The pants feel very solid and indestructible. These are my measurements which did NOT change after four 30degree washes.

A3 - (I usually buy A2 gis but the team at Submission FC recommended I go with A3 and they were right. The pants fit perfectly)

Width              55cm        21.5inch
O. Length      103cm      40.5inch
I. Length.        73cm.        28.5inch
Cuff.              22cm.        9.75inch

Itchy scratchy cuffs, but will probably never break. Ever!

I like the fact that what you see is what you get in terms zero shrinkage. For $55 (£35), I strongly recommend these pants but make sure you get the sizing right.

As you can see above, the pants are heavily re-enforced around the stress areas (groin, knees, cuffs...etc.). So much so, that it feels like the pants are made of several parts stitched together for extra toughness.

You can buy these soft, super-sturdy pants here:

While the fabric is great, I feel the extra stitched-on bits were scratchy. I know I said the pants are soft, and they really are, but the add-ons were scratchy when I first put the gi on. This feeling diminished as I started rolling in the pants:

The official word from Submission FC is:

Our newest Submission bjj gi pants, made from a polyester cotton blend, making these pants super soft to the touch. With heavily reinforced stress points it makes these bjj gi pants perfect for competition and every day training. Strengthen your Aura with the new Aura BJJ Gi pants from Submission! 
Please refer below table for sizes.
Need Help With Size
Size Chart
HeightWeight LBSSize

Along with these great pants, the team also included two TShirts (55% hemp, 45% cotton) for me to review. Check them out:

I'm personally not a huge fan of any art work that is that explicit in its message but I know that there's indeed a huge market and demand for bold imagery and eye-catching captions. The shirts themselves feel very soft (can you notice a theme?) and well made. They are tailored to fit nicely on the body.

You can buy these TShirts and many more designs here:

I'd like to thank the team at Submission FC for sending me the stuff to review, but also for their patience.


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