Gi Review: 93 brand - Charlie - BJJ Goes Chocolate!

93 Brand is a relatively new American fight apparel company. They real seem to have done their homework though as the gis are both beautiful, aesthetically designed and seems very sturdy.

The Charlie is light enough to train in and do comps as, currently, black gis are still IBJJF legal.

Disclosure and cost:
The fantastic guys at sent me this gi to review. sell the 93 Brand Charlie gi for $139.99 which works out to around £92. 

Gi Review:
The first thing that hits you with the Charlie gi is, how light and beautifully minimalist the design is.. It's so beautiful. The Charlie & The Chocolate Factory inspiration is a great idea and the chocolate brown panel features here and there without disrupting the aesthetic feel of the gi.

The first few rolls, you get a feel that this is a very light, toweling gi. What do I mean by toweling? Well, exactly what you think. It's like rolling in a towel. It mops up sweat and kind of bunches up on you but because it's thin, you don't really mind it that much.

It's a very different feel to, say, a Tatami Estilo or a Bad Boy gi, which are more like training suits. This is more like the MKimono Hybrid. Old skool.

I'm not saying this is necessarily a negative thing. It's just how the gi jacket felt.

A great big fat positive is that, thanks to it's thinness, it dries super fast. I don't usually tumble dry anything at home. We machine wash, spin then hang dry and if I wash this gi in the evening after training, it's bone dry by morning time. Keep that in mind if you're travelling somewhere hot for training (Brazil, California...etc.)

Drawstring and loopy loops

Beautifully aesthetic decoration

and a couple of patches on the sleeves

The weave, if that interests you, is advertised as a 350 gsm pearl weave but to you and I, that basically means a tightly woven single weave. 

The light feel of the gi makes it a great competition gi.

The gi I was sent is an A2 and fresh out of the bag these were the measurements:

Wing Span : 170 cm (67 inch)
Wrist Cuff: 16 cm (6.5 inch)
Jacket Length: 80 cm (31 inch)
Jacket Width: 62 cm (24 1/2 inch)

Waist Width: 55 cm (21 1/2 inch)
Outside Leg Measurement: 99 cm (39 inch)
Inside LM: 72 cm (28.5 inch)
Ankle Cuff: 23 cm (9  inch)

Probably the simplest Gi Map you've ever seen :)

Measurements after 4 washes are below: 

Wing Span : 164 cm (64.5 inch)
Wrist Cuff: 16 cm (6.5 inch)
Jacket Length: 82 cm (32 inch)
Jacket Width: 62 cm (24 1/2 inch)

Waist Width: 52 cm (20 1/2 inch)
Outside Leg Measurement: 97 cm (38 inch)
Inside LM: 71 cm (28 inch)
Ankle Cuff: 22 cm (8 1/2  inch)

No massive amounts of shrinkage overall, except in the span which, again, doesn't bother me as I have relatively short arms. In fact, you can clearly see from the pictures that the sleeves come down to my wrists very nicely.

The general fit of the gi is a tad on the generous side, especially in the arms but I'm only being super critical here.

Remember, it doesn't shrink much so if you're skinny, expect it to remain a bit baggy.

Here are some brief info tidbits from RollMore:
  • Innovative super light Pearl Weave (350 gsm)
  • Heavy-duty 17 oz. ripstop collar
  • 8 oz. cotton pants
  • Thin white interior seam taping (collars, skirt, cuffs, pants)
  • Brown contrast stitching in select areas
  • Precise embroideries
  • Fully extended knee reinforcements
  • Lycra crotch panel
  • Round cord drawstring
  • 6 drawstring loops
  • Generous amount of reinforcement stitching rows
  • IBJJF approved
93 Brand is turning out hit after hit. The Charlie is the latest addition to their unique Gi line, blending a clever graphic theme with state-of-the-art lightweight fabrics.

A distinct and unique Pearl Weave is used throughout the jacket, the structure of which breaks away from your typical "lightweight" Pearl Weave... Each lace of the weave is noticeably smaller and more tightly woven, which lends greater integrity to the jacket's overall strength while using less fabric volume. This breakthrough style of Pearl Weave allows the fabric to weigh significantly less without compromising any sturdiness. The jacket is so light and breathable that honestly you hardly feel it against your skin.

While many competition style Gis will use a super thin ripstop around the collar that will wear and fray sooner than the rest of the Gi, 93 Brand has elected to use a thick 17 oz ripstop (over double the normal thickness). Let's face it, you've got people grabbing and yanking on your collar nonstop, it needs to be well equipped for that constant abuse. The 17 oz. ripstop has a specially textured rugged surface that, when combined with the wider EVA foam collar, makes it tougher for your opponent to get comfortable, deep grips.

Smooth 8 oz. cotton pants have generous knee reinforcements that, in typical 93 fashion, extend to the bottom hem for complete knee coverage regardless of your position. Flexible lycra is used for the crotch gusset, improving leg flexibility and relieving pressure on those high-stress inner seams.

The black finish is accented with several shades of brown throughout selected stitching areas, all side vents, drawstring loops, and crystal clear embroideries. The Charlie gets our vote for best Gi name and theme of 2013. From the Wonka font down to the 93 Brand logo stamped on the inner label's chocolate bar, it's RollMore approved.

In short? A very cool and beautiful, light and toweling competition-legal gi from 93Brand.

Photos shamelessly borrowed from


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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