BJJ tips: Double guard pull berimbolo armbar triangle

What to do when you pull guard and your opponent pulls guard at the same time? This is the famous double guard pull hated by many of the sport's and the martial art's legends such as Xande and Saulo Ribiero:

If I ever find myself in a position like that, I either attack immediately or just get off my butt and work to pass. If I get swept or passed, then the guy's guard is better than my passing / attacks and it highlights a weakness in my game I need to work on, but hey that's just me.

Obviously, not all double guard pulling is stalling. Check out this neat attacks from people who know far more than you and I:

Here's the best instructional ever on how to do the Berimbolo attack:

Once you've mastered the Berimbolo roll to the back or to side control, you can attempt this slightly flashier variation where you put your second foot on his shoulder instead of on his hip to get some traction then pull him in for an armbar, or in Portuguese, a Berimbraço!

If you prefer chokes to arm locks, check out Kurt Osiander's technique of the week where he has a guest black belt show a triangle attack off of the Berimbolo inversion:

Finally, check out Keenan Cornelius' armbar from the double guard pull against Joao Miyao during last year's Pan jiujitsu Open Finals for Brown belts:



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