Sparring with Rickson Gracie and other rare footage

Rickson Gracie, the ultimate expression of jiujitsu
This is a quick post about some rare Rickson Gracie footage I've recently discovered.

I'm sure many of you have already seen this, but I had not.

In the first one, the legend Rickson Gracie is "sparring" with Dr Lewis Friedlander:

Back in the day when this was filmed, the camera man / director didn't even know what the techniques were. He asked Rickson to repeat the "Leg bar" he did, referring to a standard arm bar from mount!

In the second, Rickson is stretch after some serious sparring:

It's clear that Rickson saw his body as a machine and did his best to look after it.

The next one is an odd, yet emotional one. In this Rickson Gracie ties the red and black (also known as the coral belt) around his friend and long time student Pedro Sauer:

I've never seen this happen but I was very touched by the gesture.

This last one is the oddest I've ever seen. It shows Rickson, Alvaro Romano, Royler Gracie and One of Rickson's most notorious black belts Marcelo Behring performing Ginastica Natural. It also features "super fights" between a very young Rickson and his children Kauan and the late Rockson Gracie.

Having met the man and trained with him a few times, I feel very lucky and I find every piece of information about him very interesting and inspiring.

I hope you enjoy them.



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