Judo or BJJ? Fighting Fit Seminar by 2 x Olympian Sophie Cox bridges the two arts

Judo vs BJJ? Judo vs BJJ? Are you serious? It is impossible to answer the question "What is Jiu Jitsu?" without realising that Judo and BJJ share a heritage.

Last Friday Fighting Fit Manchester hosted 2-time Judo Olympian Sophie Cox for an introductory seminar. In short, she was a very competent seminar coach. Obviously, there is no doubt that she's an exceptional performer on the mat, but that doesn't always translate to teaching / coaching skills. The structure, material and delivery that Sophie used was absolutely brilliant:

1. She introduced herself to all attendees
2. She introduced the art (judo) and material (the content of the seminar)
3. She gave a brief, yet relevant, historical background to judo and how it has developed into a martial art and also as an international sport
4. She controlled the pace and direction of the room and kept working the whole seminar, answering questions, interjecting with tips...etc.
5. She built her material around grips, grip breaking and entries
6. The three throws she did include (O Soto Gari, O Uchi Gari and O Goshi) were all major moves that taught movement principles
7. She focused on not just the throw, but the landing, which is the link between jiu jitsu and its parent art, judo

The cherry on the cake was announcement at the end*. Starting from the 9th of November, Sophie will be teaching a weekly judo class at the Labs. Regular judo sessions from one of the best in the whole world. It doesn't get any better now does it?

Just for fun, look at this awesome video that shows what it looks like to be thrown by a Judo Olympian

*actually, the cherry for me was that an Olympian complimented my breakfall skills. Oh yes, I got throw a plenty by her.



Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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