BJJ / Grappling tips: Take the back from mount

What's the best way to take the back from mount?

While there are many ways to take the back from the mounted position, it's important to remember why you are doing it.

Some back control options like the face-down control and the Body triangle control lock you to the opponent's back, meaning your number one attack option is the choke (rear naked choke, sliding gi choke...etc.) while other controls like the double hook control and triple threat back control open up other back attack options (armbars, bow and arrow choke, the twister neck crank...etc.)

Different methods to take the back from the mount (or any other position) will get you into different back control positions,

Rickson Gracie black belt Mr Henry Akins shows taking the back from mount: Old school with a focus on MMA / Self defence / Vale Tudo. He highlights that when strikes are allowed, you would be taking a larger risk by pulling the opponent onto you.

I call this the Back Ake from mount!



Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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Ronnie Brown said...

Simple, yet seems like it would be effective. Thanks for sharing. Good video, Liam! - Ronnie