As you know, I was looking into a new sponsor for the Part Time Grappler blog in What I look for in potential sponsors is simple: BJJ people who understand the needs of Part Time Grapplers in particular:

1. Limited time
2. Don’t want to waste it chasing orders
3. Don’t want to sacrifice quality of product or service

As you remember from my first post, the ordering process with was very swift and pain free. I also talked in another post about how much the custom charges ended up being and the price was therefore very comparable to UK based vendors. Another great point.

As for delivery time to the UK, I placed the order on the 26th of May and received it yesterday (13th of June) They actually could have delivered it last Thursday except it wouldn’t have suited me so we’ll put delivery date as 9th June. That’s a total of 9 weekdays (excluding weekdays and bank holidays) from the US to the UK.

I’ll let you decide if this is good enough for you but are certainly good enough for this happy Part Time Grappler.

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