I just received an invoice from Parcel Force Worldwide advising that I have been sent a parcel from overseas (US of A), delivery of which is subject to payment of Customs charges raised by UK Border Agency on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs.

I can only imagine that this is the product I ordered from which I mentioned in an earlier post.

The charges are “Import VAT” and a “Clearance Fee”, totalling to about 38% of the product price incl. shipment.

What this means (my own speculations) is that a white Gameness Pearl Weave Gi (just an example) would come to a total approximately $194.51 or £118.65 (once again, my own speculative calculations) which is very comparable to some of the UK based outlets.

I placed the order on the 25th of May (18 days ago) and will pay the fees today.

I will update you as this progresses. Stay tuned.

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