The Part Time Grappler gets a potential new sponsor:

If there is one thing we Part Time Grapplers are short on, it's time!

I have been approached by a number of BJJ vendors to advertise on the blog and I have a very simple criterion: How Part Time Grappler - friendly are you?

To check that, I place an order with them and track the ease and efficiency of ordering and delivery. The ones I'm happy with, I promote in the sidebar to the right.

The BJJ online shop that I will be examining next is BJJ Sports. I just placed my order with them (just a Vulkan rash guard*) to test the waters.

The whole process from finding the item to the "Thank you for your order" page took exactly 6 minutes 12 seconds. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Once I get the item we can talk more about speed of international delivery and such.

Speak soon.


*Disclaimer: The chaps at were kind enough to let me have the rash guard without payment.

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