Learn BJJ in Manchester. Introduction to Grappling Course launched at the Labs

A BJJ intro course for beginners started this Monday gone at Fighting Fit Manchester. I designed the course with the complete beginner in mind*, something that would serve as an introduction to grappling. I knew there would be demand for it, or at least interest. What I didn't realize was HOW MUCH demand.

In order to give the participants maximum attention and value, we limited the number of places on the course and kept the contents to the bare, essential fundamentals of grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This actually allowed me to train individually with every single participant during the session.

Within 3 days of putting it online, all the places on Fighting Fit Manchester Introduction to Grappling (I2G) course were sold out and paid for! In fact, more than 2 thirds of the places went within the first 24Hours!

Arriving at the Labs on Monday to deliver the first session, I was met with eager faces. These guys were raring to go and excited to be there, to start their journey. We did a short sample warm-up (to familiarise the attendants with typical BJJ class warm-ups, get them warm and ready and wake up the brains), followed by a quick demonstration of BJJ 101 a la BJ Penn (see below) so they, hopefully, can see a context within which the techniques can fit.

First lesson covered survival under the mount and the two most fundamental escapes: The Upa or Bridge Escape and the Elbow Knee Escape**.

Having a quick chat with the some of the boys*** afterwards, I can summarise that I wasn’t the only one having a blast on the mats. The feedback was very positive overall. I look forward to next Monday’s session.
*this is different to the usual BJJ Fundamentals we do on Mondays and Wednesdays. How? That’s for another future post :o)

** For more detailed tips on escaping mount in BJJ, check out these three articles from a year ago:


*** I had hope the course would attract some girls as it’s geared towards learning BJJ at a slow progressive pace from the ground up. Hopefully the next time around. Oh yeah, we're having more of these!

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