BJJ / Grappling with Mr Neil Sharp

I mentioned in a past post that I really enjoy teaching BJJ / Grappling privates because they allow me to spend quality time with people who share that passion. I've had overwhelming response to that post so I thought I'd post a clip of the initial warm-up roll we usually have before we commence the first session.

The aim here is to play and converse. I'm constantly listening to the client's energy and giving simple and concise advice. It's immediate. It's alive. It's loads of fun.

I hope you enjoy it and I thank Mr Neil Sharp for letting me film and post this.

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A.D. McClish said...

What a great idea to grapple before the lesson. That way, you know a lot better what areas to focus in on. I'm going to ask my instructor to do that next time I ave a private.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Thank you very much Allie. I really like it. This particular roll was at the beginning of the first session. I had already planned in my mind that I'd do a revision of the previous session so this roll gave me instant feedback on what I DO need to revise with Neil and what I DON'T need to revise. I feel it's only fair since he's paying for the session that I tailor it to his exact needs :)

Also, when else does a beginner get to roll in a completely non-threatening environment and test the waters. When Neil did experimented with side control pressure, for example, and I pulled him into guard, he also got the chance to immediately pass and work on it again...etc. I am, after all, there for him.