The Quickest Way To Improve Your BJJ / Grappling

On Friday I had my first private BJJ session with a new client. These are always very exciting for me because I'm always working on new ways to improve my teaching curriculum and methods but most importantly because I get to spend quality time doing something I love with someone who's obviously very keen on the same topic: getting better at Brazilian Jiu Jitstu.

As with every first session of the introduction pack, we spend a few minutes talking before the session to establish background in BJJ / Grappling but also general athletic background and time they can realistically dedicate to training. We follow this with a 5 minute slow roll where I'm mainly working out the client's energy and pressures. At this stage, I'm not really interested in what they can do from, for example, guard, but rather in HOW they play guard. That's where I see my contribution to be useful. Not in feeding someone new techniques, but rather in giving their existing BJJ game an M.O.T. test!

Naturally, what I discover in those first 5 minutes can vary depending on whom I rolling with but the one most common denominator is often commitment. Roy Harris talks about using your attributes to FUEL your techniques. I like thinking in terms of commitment: Commitment to the position. Commitment to the transition or sweep. Commitment to the armbar, choke or leg lock. Of course, I'm not talking about forcing your way thru muscular strength or speed or power. I'm talking about committing your directional energy and weight and sensitivity. Applying yourself wholly to each and every move. The quickest way to improve your BJJ / grappling experience is to commit your full and undivided attention to it.

Are you playing guard? Don't let your partner settle in your guard. Move their weight around. Deny them their posture or base and watch them give you the armbars, chokes and sweeps.

Are you on side control top? Let them carry your weight. Free your hands and use sensitivity and the outside of your knee to monitor their guard retrieval attempts. Don't just grab hold and squeeze, a little like an ostrich with its head in the sand, but rather apply yourself to what you are doing! Keep you jiu jitsu alive by staying committed.

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Get Beasty said...

Like the thought behind this, thanks.

Megan said...

Now I'm itching to take a private:) Nice post.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Thank you peeps!

I love private sessions. I get to dedicate my full attention to someone's game and of course to my own. They ask questions and I need to give them answers and, much more importantly, give them the tools to answer these and similar questions for themselves. That helps me scale BJJ / Grappling down to the bare bones.

Stay tuned for footage of the warm up roll I had with Neil. You'd like that!!