BJJ Nutrition Tips: Recovery Update: Creatine Rules!

Jeez that thing tastes sweet! The brand of Creatine I am using is grape flavour and the tin advises stacking for 5 days with a high dose (20g of Creatine spread over 4 servings) and then down to one serving a day. My urine is very concentrated so I am always keeping a water bottle with me and I will soon half the daily Creatine dose again. I definitely noticed an improvement in my recovery and I recommend the stuff to everyone out there.

Also, a friend recommends Glutamine, which I’m going to look into. I think I’m eating a better diet all-round, which is also helping.

When I go to the gym before work, I always grab a glass of milk afterwards for some extra protein. The same applies with after grappling / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sessions. A blend of protein and carbs seems to do the post-workout trick (nothing fancy. A glass of milk and/or peanut butter with some toast is just fine!)

If you are having any specific recovery related issues, drop me a line on

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