BJJ Nutrition Tips: Food For Fitness Book Review

In my never ending search for more efficient ways to do things, I have recently been looking into the question of diet and nutrition and have very luckily stumbled upon, in my personal opinion, one of the best books ever written on the subject. It’s called Food for Fitness and is written by Anita Bean, A former body building champion and a highly accomplished Registered Nutritionist. I recommend the book without reservations to anyone who is looking to get the best out of their day.

I know many of you are thinking: “There are lots of books on Diet and Nutrition out there. What makes this one so unique?”

We, apart from the excellent and well-researched content, and Anita’s own reputable name, the winner point for me was the design and layout of the book. To me, the question of design has always been about usability, problem solving and aesthetics. This is what distinguishes Food for Fitness: It had it all!

Food for Fitness started with a thorough look at food groups and their functions in the body and followed that up with a very user-friendly association chapter where you were advised on how to time food stuff (around your training sessions) to optimize the benefits. This section was very good in that it both gave you the author’s recommendations but also the guidelines that allow you to substitute your own favourites! Not everybody likes/has access to/can afford The Royal Jelly!

Food for Fitness goes on to list Super Foods, Tips for weight management and much more before it summarises all the knowledge into ready-to-use menu options.

This book is worth its weight in gold! Get Food for Fitness and see your energy levels soar!

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