3 Tips to Add Balance to Your Weekly Training

So you are a Part Time Grappler (PTG) and have limited time to train (averaging 2 grappling orientated sessions per week). You probably hold down a job and have a family (and other interests) to tend to. Or maybe 2 sessions a week is all you can afford at the moment.

The problem is, grappling (and martial arts in general) are not the be-all end all of fitness training. They come damn well close, but they still leave you short on a couple of fronts.

So keeping with the PTG spirit, here are 3 tips to make your weekly training regime more balanced still:

WalkingNotice that I didn’t say Jogging or Running. I did that deliberately. While I respect running as a healthy sporting activity, I find Walking the superior alternative and I summarise my argument in one word: Availability!

1. I get off the bus 2 stops early and walk extra every morning! I would need a shower if I ran that.
2. Anytime the weather is nice, I suggest a walk to my wife. We all know it is much easier to say Yes to a walk- compared to a Jog-suggestion.
3. I don’t need any special shoes for walking. Any comfortable pair will do as the impact is minimal.
4. The difference in calorie expenditure between jogging and brisk walking for a, say, 170lb person is no more than 4 kcal/minute.

There is a wealth of information on these incredible cannon balls! You literally have a whole gym in the palm of your hand. You can use them to lose weight, gain strength, enhance endurance…etc. and they are very grappling specific. Very importantly, an average Kettlebell work out takes 10 minutes and let’s face it, it doesn’t get briefer than that! More articles on these later.

StretchingAn important and fundamental concept in grappling (and martial arts in general) is efficiency: Achieving a maximum output from a minimum input. Stretching is an excellent way to make your machine run smoother. Being more flexible gives you more options to achieve the same desired goal and gives you the ability to get there with less exertion. I recommend gentle stretching ultra-frequently (10-12 times/day!) for very short periods (10 – 15 seconds per stretch). That’s 3.3 minutes per muscle per day. Say 5 if you are pushing for the upper end of the bracket. The benefits outweigh the inconvenience both in terms of performance and longevity.

Make the best of your day. Enjoy a healthy life.

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