BJJ gi review: ES BJJ GI Product Review Post

ES BJJ GI Product Review Post

As a grappler, I feel you’re your GI says a lot about your work. It is a way you recognize a fighter in the crowd. Most people say that being a grappler your options are limited, you get to choose between very limited colors and there is no way you can customize your GI without feeling the strain on your pocket. All these things are true in my opinion.

In most cases, if you come across a good BJJ GI, the options are limited. However, if you get past the options and you like something, the overall fitting process and finding the perfect size means you have to give up eventually. Apart from this, price and delivery charges can get pretty hefty as well. As an expert, if you have been buying GI for a long time, you will know your way around things. However, if you are not familiar and you are just a beginner this will drain your energy.

I recently tried elite sport GI for one of my grappling sessions. I liked the packing and the material but I was not sure if it was going to work for me since I am a fierce grappler who likes a lot of room. Most of the time, size is pretty limited so there is no way to tell that the medium you ordered will offer you enough room that you can perform a maneuver without feeling restricted.

I first heard about the elite sport through a friend who is also a fellow grappler. The GI he was wearing was very different. I had seen people wearing white, black, and blue GIs but he was wearing a camouflage GI. To be honest, I have not seen people wearing a camouflage GI yet. When asked about the brand, he told me it was a good purchase and people have been asking him about the other options as well. This is when I thought I should try their GI.


Their GI is pretty comfortable so far. I have used it at least three times and I have washed it as well. Even after washing, I see no difference in quality or size.

·        The fabric of this GI is very lightweight and made of antibacterial, pre-shrink material.

·        The design is very adjustable, especially the side slit design. It offers enough movement room and you get to see the color pattern as well. It offers an ergonomic function and there is no restriction in the range of motion as well.

·        Even if you don’t want to wash the GI, it is made of anti-odor fabric lined with sweat-wicking so even when you sweat it doesn’t stay or smell.

·        It is a multipurpose GI and is suitable for all kinds of martial arts tournaments.

·        The drawstrings on the trousers offer you to easily tighten and adjust the trouser according to your fitting, ease, and comfort.

·        It also comes with a free white belt so you don’t have to buy it separately.


This GI is made of CVC with 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It is pretty comfortable and can be worn in all sorts of weather. The cotton offers softness and flexibility while the polyester offers strength to the fabric.

Fit and Comfort

When looking for a good GI, most people complain that although they have invested too much money they were not able to get good value for their money because it didn’t fit them right. The best part of getting an elite sport GI is that the size chart is pretty simple to understand. You just need to know about your height and your weight and then get to the size chart where you can easily pick the size that is appropriate for you. A simple example is that if you are 5.8’ and 125lbs you can choose A3.

Variations and Options

If you are a design freak and you like to experiment with the designs you are in for a treat. Elite sport range offers some of the best and most unique designs that you can try. They have three different variations and each variation comes with its perks and color options.

Ultimate BJJ GI

If you just want to stay simple and rock the logo of elite sport, you can choose this GI. It comes with a simple logo near the chest area and also a color slide near the slit.

Essential GI

Ideal for the academies and people on the budget. This is the simplest GI because you get to customize it, add your academy logo, or just write your name. Since it is simple, you can buy it in bulk because it is pretty economical. 

Customized GI

This is a little expensive and mostly used by experts who are going to take part in an official fight. You will get to have two variations mainly for American and Mexican.

As a professional who doesn’t want to go through hassle or styling, you can get Ultimate GI. This comes with a white belt and you will have so many different colors to choose from.




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Top 4 High-Intensity Workouts for MMA Fighters

Top 4 High-Intensity Workouts for MMA Fighters

HIIT-based training is known to be one of the most effective and most famous workouts for toning your body and weight loss. Within this workout pattern, you will see better results in a very limited time, and collectively this workout has proved to be the best. Most people use HIIT-based training to meet their goals, reduce their fat proportion and become closer to their ideal VMI level.

However, what most people don’t know is that HIIT workouts are not just for weight loss and getting toned, it also helps you condition your body, improve strength and increase endurance. Most people with weak stamina start with HIIT-based workouts so they can perform their day-to-day functions better.

 So eventually you will be able to perform your daily activities without getting tired. This is even more important when the work gets intense or if you have physical labour.

Why Strength And Endurance Are Used For MMA?

Similarly, when we think about getting into the ring, we all know it is not a simple task. You are not just judged based on your technique but also based on how long you can survive in the ring. If you are technically strong and you know when to kick someone and how to grapple but you struggle with energy and feel drained within two minutes, there is a high chance that the opponent with better stamina will win the game.

In real-world d, especially in street fights, your technique will play a very small role because most people might not be very good with technology but they are good with stamina. Another important thing to keep in mind is that most people have a struggle where they don’t attack but rather try to exhaust the opponent.

Once the opponent feels drained and tired, then they attack and win. This technique is very common so you need to make sure you know when and where to use your energy.

With the help of this article, we will mainly focus on the simple HIIT-based workout that every MMA fighter must try. This workout will help the fighter train according to the needs of the MMA fight. Since MMA fighting involves much more intense and vigorous use of energy, you have to train accordingly.

4 High-Intensity Workouts for MMA Fighters

High-intensity training is just a simple format or framework that you can use. Within this workout, you will have an intense workout spell followed by resting time. Usually, the ratio of workout and resting is somewhere between 4 ratios 1.

However sometimes people exceed it to 4:20, this change might seem very small, however, in real life, this will impact the progress and you will increase the resting time. To make sure you meet your goal this ratio must be maintained.

Within this workout pattern, you will have three exercises per batch. Each batch will help you target different muscles so you can increase the calorie burnout rate. This workout is very intense so you need to adjust the energy according to your diet as well.

Batch 1

For the first batch, you will start with high lateral hops. Then you will switch to plank jacks and finally jumping lunges. All these workouts will help you focus on your calorie burning as well as lower body strength so you can stay for a long time in the ring. These workouts also help in improving the balance so you can easily dominate your opponent in the ring

Batch 2

For the second batch, you will start with explosive push-ups, then you will get to Turkish get up and finally you will end with Single Leg Ventral Hops. For this workout, you will work on the core strength as well as lower body and shoulder muscles. This will help you know how you can conserve energy easily.

Batch 3

Within the batch, you will start with a ball jack knife crunch that is very good for core strength. Then you will switch to Windshield Wipers which are good for the strength of the limbs and finally, you will end it with Ball Back Extensions. This is a very intense workout but you will be able to work on all the muscles.


Batch 4

For batch 4 you will start with leg raise which is good for the strength of your upper body along with the core. Then you have to switch to side leg push up and finally end it with the jump turns. This batch will help you focus on the core strength along with the limbs.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, HIIT is just a framework. The way you choose the exercises to fit the framework, the time duration you choose, and the goal you set will dictate everything that will make this a success. For an MMA figure, a full-body workout is very important. Although you need to work for at least 10-15 minutes there is no hard and fast rule if you adjust the intensity. Another very important thing is that the effectiveness of the workout is greatly dependent on the way you adjust the energy, intensity, and time. If your workouts don’t help you meet goals you should track the progress and see where you lack. This will eventually be used to optimize and upgrade your workout routine and you will meet your goal.





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Top 4 Yoga Workouts for MMA To Reduce Chances Of Injury

Top 4 Yoga Workouts for MMA To Reduce Chances Of Injury

Starting an intense workout routine after spending a passive lifestyle for a long time can test your body. The world we live in today runs according to the clock. You will see people struggling to find enough time to cook a decent meal. This is where you will see takeout, bad diet, lazy lifestyle, and intense working routines where they will sit behind computers most of the day.

In this intense lifestyle getting back in the ring without getting into shape means you will get injured right away. This also means that once you get injured, you will need too much time to recover and your routine of seeking rest and living a very passive and dormant lifestyle will prevail even more. This is the reason you need to get your body into shape before you start your workout.

How Does Flexibility Help You Improve Your Training?

To understand the idea of flexibility you need to understand the function of your muscles every time you lift something or you move, your muscle has to move according to the body and bones structure. If you lift something heavy, your muscle needs to extend. However, in most cases when you live a passive lifestyle, your muscles lose flexibility and become very rigid. The angle of movement and its extension capacity becomes very limited.

As a result, when you start your workout and you try to move according to the requirement of exercise, your muscles will only move to a certain limit. Beyond that limit, when you move your muscle or try to test its limit, you will either feel strain or your muscle fibers will rupture. This strain means you will have to wait for the fibers to heal.

Usually, after the healing, the replaced fibers are strong and flexible enough that they can support the movement. This is the reason you might have noticed that if you have never worked out and you start your workout, you will have very limited muscle movement and angle of movement. However, with the right workout and daily exercise, your movement will extend and you will be able to work in a better way.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the best and most effective yoga moves that will improve your body’s flexibility. This workout will not only help you prevent the chance of injury, but you can also use it as a warm-up exercise.

Top 4 Yoga Workouts for MMA to Reduce Chances Of Injury


This is also called chair pose. For this pose, you will follow the same pose as squat but you have to make sure that your hands are just above your head. This will help you focus on the strength of your lower body and as you extend your arms above, you will be able to work on the arms muscles as well.


Commonly known as the diamond pose. This pose requires you to tuck your feet under your buttock as you take a seat on the floor. Now, keep your hands on the knee in your lap. Keep your back straight and breathe through your nose. This pose will help you fix your posture and work on the flexibility of your chest muscles as well as your shoulders and your back.


This pose is known as the forward bend and it can be a little tricky for the beginner. For this pose, you will have to sit straight and then extend your legs straight as well. Now use your hands to reach your toes and then tug on them till you can touch your chest down on the knees. This pose will help you strengthen your lower back muscles as well as your legs and your arms.


This is the most common pose and you might have seen people testing their flexibility through this pose as well. This pose is known as the forward fold or table pose. You will be required to lay down and then use your legs and arms to lift the weight of your torso. Make sure you are not getting lower stretch instead, go up till you see your back getting into a curved shape.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the workout you choose. Although stretching is the main principle in all kinds of exercises you also have to keep in mind that there are static stretching techniques as well as dynamic stretching techniques. Apart from this, focusing on the flexibility of just one muscle group will make you weak, and eventually, you will get injured somewhere else. While forming a good workout, always start with simple full-body workouts that will help you work on all muscles at the same time. Also, keep in mind that before working on muscle strength you need to work on flexibility first.




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20 Min MMA Workouts to Get In Shape

20 Min MMA Workouts to Get In Shape

As a beginner, starting your MMA journey can be quite daunting. This is mainly because you will see that to get in the ring people invest years. They have long training sessions and complex diet plans that help them maintain a good routine and fight in the ring. However, most people are not familiar with that. Just to be in the ring and to start training you have to be in good shape as well. Even if you have been an MMA fighter for a long time and you take a break for a few months, just to start training again you will start with the pre-training sessions. Within this session, you will get to work on the flexibility, and capacity of your lungs, improving the muscle range as well as the functionality of your muscles so you can effortlessly work without feeling the strain. In case you skip this phase, you will find it difficult to move because of the intense throbbing pain that is caused by an intense workout.

How to Start your Training after A Resting Period?

For MMA training, it is very important to start with some basics that can help you get your body in shape. The main issue is that when you take a rest or when you have never workout before, your body muscles have already lost flexibility. Eventually, when you start an intense workout, you will be at high risk of injury. Apart from this, when staying inactive means you will see an increase in the fat content of your body. This increase in fat content means you will not be as agile as you should be. Your BMI will be higher than normal and you will feel like you are struggling when you work out and breathe at the same time. With the help of pre-workout training, you will be able to bring your body to an active stage where your lung capacity will become better, your muscles will be flexible to support your intense training and you will see improvement in your overall workout technique as well.

With the help of this article, we will help you address all the issues that can cause injury or restrain your training capacity. We will also look at some of the basic workouts that will help you get into shape so you can get to the technical training as well.

20 Minutes MMA Workouts to Get In Shape

The workout is divided into four different sessions. Each session consists of just 5 minutes of blasting, intense workouts that will help you work on the whole body and its performance. After each 5-minute session, you can take at least 30 seconds to one minute for rest.

Yoga Warm-Up for Flexibility

To start your training and get into shape, your body must have enough flexibility that it doesn’t just feel strained after you start your intense workout routine. To start it off, you need some dynamic stretching that will then help you improve the flexibility of your muscles so you can without getting injured. The best way to improve flexibility is with yoga. You can start with some basic poses and slowly when you feel you are ready to switch, you can then get to some intense and dynamic poses.

Cardio Warm-Up for Stamina and Endurance

The stamina and endurance-based workout mean you will be able to stay in the ring for long. This also means that you will not get tired and your body will be in shape for an intense workout. This is also used as an indicator of progress. The best workout is to start with cardio. Within cardio, you can start with just 1 minute of extreme running followed by jumping jacks, squats, and touchdowns.

Strength Workout without Weight

Strength starts with the core so if you have a good core you will be able to perform better in the ring. This is where you will use your 5 minutes core strengthening workout. You can start with a plank for one minute and then switch to crunches, scissor kicks, and push-ups and complete it off with side planks.

Punching Practice Fat Burner

For a better technique, you need to start with fat burning so you can get rid of extra fat and get back into the right BMI. For fat burning, you need to start with simple cardio-based shadow boxing then you will switch to an intense speed boxing spell followed by heavy bag punching. This will take just 5 minutes.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to your current workout stage. If you have never worked out before and you are just a beginner, you need to start with flexibility and then use different workouts to improve your BMI and cut down the fat content in your body. However, if you have been working out before but you took some time to rest, there is a high chance that your body and muscle memory are still good enough to start your intense workout. You can start with some simple cardio and warm-up sessions and finally, you can start your workout routine just like you would. Even with the combat-based workout, you will see different categories of workouts and different intensities that you can easily adjust to the requirement of your body.





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Bursting The Myth Bubble - Does BJJ Make Your Child Violent?

Bursting The Myth Bubble - Does BJJ Make Your Child Violent?

BJJ is known to be one of the most advanced combat games. Almost all the professionals that you will ever come across will have some kind of specialty in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. People usually use BJJ as a foundation combat game and then build their skill further with other combat styles later.

Starting from the way BJJ improves the functionality of your body to the way it impacts the muscle memory so it can later perform better with other combat games, Brazilian jiu-jitsu indeed changes and improves the way you fight. Long before Brazilian jiu-jitsu became mainstream, it was used as a way to discipline kids.

People used to send their kids to combat schools, these schools were built in forests and mountains very close to nature so kids could learn some survival skills. Apart from this, they offered complete isolation so they could become independent and learn to practice according to the cycle of nature.

Why Is BJJ Known As A Violent Game?

In short, a combat game that was mainly used as a way to discipline kids when it came into the mainstream was tagged as a violent game. People started referring that when kids learn how to fight and not how to control their anger, they usually end up becoming very violent. This was true just for very limited cases.

However, when assessed in the case of Brazilian jiu-jitsu when anger and frustration built by social issues were offered an outlet through Brazilian jiu-jitsu, there were so many benefits that most people were forgetting. Experts in child psychology and development revealed that Brazilian jiu-jitsu helps in improving overall mental function and physical health.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the ways Brazilian jiu-jitsu can help you kid. We will also know if the myth of making kids violent is true or just a false accusation.

Can BJJ Make You Violent?

Most people think that once you learn how to fight, there is no way of stopping you. This is mainly because we see that in movies where kids and adults fight all the time just because they are good at fighting.

In real life, you will not get so many opportunities to fight and even if you do, you will learn the way to emotionally control yourself. Within BJJ you always start with strategy building once you get on the mat.

This means you need to know how deep breathing techniques will help you control your emotions. Another important thing is that once you learn how to fight, you also learn the price of pain because you experience that very often. This makes you care how you hit someone and how you initiate a fight. This is the reason you will see experts in BJJ never initiating a fight.

How Does BJJ Help Your Child With Development And Physical Health?

There are so many ways BJJ is ideal for a child and a developing body. This is a great workout substitute so kids who find it hard to engage in any kind of workout or physical activity can start BJJ.

Apart from this, as a workout substitute, it helps in regulating the blood flow which will eventually improve the healing process. You will improve in focus as well as your overall health. Here are some of the reasons BJJ is known as the best method to work on your physical health.

Improves Focus

Most kids struggle with a focus which is the reason you will get to see parents and teachers complain about their studies. With the help of BJJ, your kids will be able to work on their focus and this will improve their grades as well.

Helps Calm Down

Within BJJ you are taught deep breathing techniques which help in calming the nerves. This is very important for kids especially if they have rage issues.

Improves Social Skills

Social skills are very important to function in society. Usually, kids struggle with making friends. With the help of BJJ, they will be able to work on making friends because they can read the emotions and how to respond accordingly.

Deescalating Situations

In violent situations where people react haphazardly, a professional with the knowledge of BJJ knows how to deescalate situations.

Improves Healing

BJJ works as a cardio substitute so you will be able to see that you heal better with BJJ. This will also help kids stay fit and healthy.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to how you train a child. When a child is trained he is usually not just learning some moves to help him beat people up. He is also learning social skills, functional ways to move his body as well as improving his physical health. Most people think that the child will not learn how to emotionally control himself but the very first thing that is taught with strategy building is linked with the way you handle your emotions. Since control over emotions can help the child in moderating the way he uses his energy. This is a very vital phase of learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu and it can be used in real-life situations as well.




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BJJ / Grappling Tips: How Important Is Cardio For BJJ?

BJJ is known to be one of the best combat games so far. This is mainly because it helps you control yourself physically as well as mentally and improves your performance as well. From the way you handle people around you to the way you use your body effectively, everything revolves around physical workouts.

Since most people find physical workouts very challenging they get to the combat-based workouts and add some functional workouts so they can see improvement in their health and development of their body. This seems to be a very easy task because they don’t have to get engaged in a lengthy and boring workout. This also means that with very little effort they get to see improvement in their health as well as their daily work.

Why Cardio Is Recommended For BJJ?

According to experts in the BJJ domain, people should start with simple exercises like cardio and yoga so they can help their bodies get accustomed to the intense workout that will eventually come their way. This helps them reduce the chance of injury. However, even as an expert in BJJ, you will still be asked to follow a strict workout routine that will not only consist of your BJJ functional moves and technique-based maneuvers but also cardio.

As a newbie when you start cardio, it is considered a way to help you get into shape. However, when you become professional cardio is used to help you not only stay in shape but also help you move your muscles in a better way that will eventually help you perform better on the mat.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know why cardio is considered a very vital part of BJJ training. You will also know why professionals and beginners start their training with cardio every day and how cardio helps them perform better on the mat. 

How Cardio Can Help You With BJJ?

Cardio is known to be the best warm-up for BJJ or any other type of combat-based workout. This is mainly because if you have never worked out before and you start an intense workout like BJJ, you will be at high risk of injury. This also means that you will not be able to breathe properly hence you will feel tired when you get on the map.

Another important thing is that breathing helps you control your emotions and also helps you strategize things before you think about attacking. Moreover, when you don’t work out for a long time, your muscles become stiff, they lose flexibility and you are not able to move your muscles properly. When you get on the mat, you need to use the full potential of your muscles. You might have to extend your muscles or use their flexibility.

Without cardio, this means you are straining your muscles and this can cause injury. However, with cardio, your body is already used to the workout so you will safely be able to start your training. In most cases when a beginner starts the workout, he is advised to start with cardio for one week to fifteen days so his body can get used to it.

Why Continue Cardio Even When You Are An Expert?

Most people think that once you are an expert, you can leave cardio. However, experts say that even after so many years of experience they still use cardio for not only warm-up but also in their day-to-day workout. This is mainly because cardio helps in improving the functionality of muscles and triggers healing.

Most people struggle with deep breathing when they move their bodies or fight. This is where cardio will help you because it helps your deep breath, use the full capacity of your lungs and also enhance the capacity of your lungs so you can work for longer without getting tired.

The best thing about cardio is that it will help you reduce the chance of injury which means your muscles will easily adjust to the performance. Even as an expert, you cannot leave cardio because it will be a great warm-up and you will be able to use your muscles in a better way.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you handle your training and where you want to be in the next few months. Most people start their BJJ journey without thinking about taking it professionally. If you are also taking it just for entertainment purposes, you might not have to work too hard. This is the reason people usually are told to stay on a cardio workout routine for the first few weeks.

This helps them know how to breathe, and how to use their muscles and this is very good for getting into the workout shape as well. The best thing about cardio is that it helps you build an endurance level that will help work for longer hours without getting tired. While most people think that cardio is just a warm-up that will help you get into shape and get the work running, experts say that no matter what you do or at what level of BJJ you are, you have to continue your cardio.




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