BJJ gi review: ES BJJ GI Product Review Post

ES BJJ GI Product Review Post

As a grappler, I feel you’re your GI says a lot about your work. It is a way you recognize a fighter in the crowd. Most people say that being a grappler your options are limited, you get to choose between very limited colors and there is no way you can customize your GI without feeling the strain on your pocket. All these things are true in my opinion.

In most cases, if you come across a good BJJ GI, the options are limited. However, if you get past the options and you like something, the overall fitting process and finding the perfect size means you have to give up eventually. Apart from this, price and delivery charges can get pretty hefty as well. As an expert, if you have been buying GI for a long time, you will know your way around things. However, if you are not familiar and you are just a beginner this will drain your energy.

I recently tried elite sport GI for one of my grappling sessions. I liked the packing and the material but I was not sure if it was going to work for me since I am a fierce grappler who likes a lot of room. Most of the time, size is pretty limited so there is no way to tell that the medium you ordered will offer you enough room that you can perform a maneuver without feeling restricted.

I first heard about the elite sport through a friend who is also a fellow grappler. The GI he was wearing was very different. I had seen people wearing white, black, and blue GIs but he was wearing a camouflage GI. To be honest, I have not seen people wearing a camouflage GI yet. When asked about the brand, he told me it was a good purchase and people have been asking him about the other options as well. This is when I thought I should try their GI.


Their GI is pretty comfortable so far. I have used it at least three times and I have washed it as well. Even after washing, I see no difference in quality or size.

·        The fabric of this GI is very lightweight and made of antibacterial, pre-shrink material.

·        The design is very adjustable, especially the side slit design. It offers enough movement room and you get to see the color pattern as well. It offers an ergonomic function and there is no restriction in the range of motion as well.

·        Even if you don’t want to wash the GI, it is made of anti-odor fabric lined with sweat-wicking so even when you sweat it doesn’t stay or smell.

·        It is a multipurpose GI and is suitable for all kinds of martial arts tournaments.

·        The drawstrings on the trousers offer you to easily tighten and adjust the trouser according to your fitting, ease, and comfort.

·        It also comes with a free white belt so you don’t have to buy it separately.


This GI is made of CVC with 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It is pretty comfortable and can be worn in all sorts of weather. The cotton offers softness and flexibility while the polyester offers strength to the fabric.

Fit and Comfort

When looking for a good GI, most people complain that although they have invested too much money they were not able to get good value for their money because it didn’t fit them right. The best part of getting an elite sport GI is that the size chart is pretty simple to understand. You just need to know about your height and your weight and then get to the size chart where you can easily pick the size that is appropriate for you. A simple example is that if you are 5.8’ and 125lbs you can choose A3.

Variations and Options

If you are a design freak and you like to experiment with the designs you are in for a treat. Elite sport range offers some of the best and most unique designs that you can try. They have three different variations and each variation comes with its perks and color options.

Ultimate BJJ GI

If you just want to stay simple and rock the logo of elite sport, you can choose this GI. It comes with a simple logo near the chest area and also a color slide near the slit.

Essential GI

Ideal for the academies and people on the budget. This is the simplest GI because you get to customize it, add your academy logo, or just write your name. Since it is simple, you can buy it in bulk because it is pretty economical. 

Customized GI

This is a little expensive and mostly used by experts who are going to take part in an official fight. You will get to have two variations mainly for American and Mexican.

As a professional who doesn’t want to go through hassle or styling, you can get Ultimate GI. This comes with a white belt and you will have so many different colors to choose from.




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