Top 4 High-Intensity Workouts for MMA Fighters

Top 4 High-Intensity Workouts for MMA Fighters

HIIT-based training is known to be one of the most effective and most famous workouts for toning your body and weight loss. Within this workout pattern, you will see better results in a very limited time, and collectively this workout has proved to be the best. Most people use HIIT-based training to meet their goals, reduce their fat proportion and become closer to their ideal VMI level.

However, what most people don’t know is that HIIT workouts are not just for weight loss and getting toned, it also helps you condition your body, improve strength and increase endurance. Most people with weak stamina start with HIIT-based workouts so they can perform their day-to-day functions better.

 So eventually you will be able to perform your daily activities without getting tired. This is even more important when the work gets intense or if you have physical labour.

Why Strength And Endurance Are Used For MMA?

Similarly, when we think about getting into the ring, we all know it is not a simple task. You are not just judged based on your technique but also based on how long you can survive in the ring. If you are technically strong and you know when to kick someone and how to grapple but you struggle with energy and feel drained within two minutes, there is a high chance that the opponent with better stamina will win the game.

In real-world d, especially in street fights, your technique will play a very small role because most people might not be very good with technology but they are good with stamina. Another important thing to keep in mind is that most people have a struggle where they don’t attack but rather try to exhaust the opponent.

Once the opponent feels drained and tired, then they attack and win. This technique is very common so you need to make sure you know when and where to use your energy.

With the help of this article, we will mainly focus on the simple HIIT-based workout that every MMA fighter must try. This workout will help the fighter train according to the needs of the MMA fight. Since MMA fighting involves much more intense and vigorous use of energy, you have to train accordingly.

4 High-Intensity Workouts for MMA Fighters

High-intensity training is just a simple format or framework that you can use. Within this workout, you will have an intense workout spell followed by resting time. Usually, the ratio of workout and resting is somewhere between 4 ratios 1.

However sometimes people exceed it to 4:20, this change might seem very small, however, in real life, this will impact the progress and you will increase the resting time. To make sure you meet your goal this ratio must be maintained.

Within this workout pattern, you will have three exercises per batch. Each batch will help you target different muscles so you can increase the calorie burnout rate. This workout is very intense so you need to adjust the energy according to your diet as well.

Batch 1

For the first batch, you will start with high lateral hops. Then you will switch to plank jacks and finally jumping lunges. All these workouts will help you focus on your calorie burning as well as lower body strength so you can stay for a long time in the ring. These workouts also help in improving the balance so you can easily dominate your opponent in the ring

Batch 2

For the second batch, you will start with explosive push-ups, then you will get to Turkish get up and finally you will end with Single Leg Ventral Hops. For this workout, you will work on the core strength as well as lower body and shoulder muscles. This will help you know how you can conserve energy easily.

Batch 3

Within the batch, you will start with a ball jack knife crunch that is very good for core strength. Then you will switch to Windshield Wipers which are good for the strength of the limbs and finally, you will end it with Ball Back Extensions. This is a very intense workout but you will be able to work on all the muscles.


Batch 4

For batch 4 you will start with leg raise which is good for the strength of your upper body along with the core. Then you have to switch to side leg push up and finally end it with the jump turns. This batch will help you focus on the core strength along with the limbs.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, HIIT is just a framework. The way you choose the exercises to fit the framework, the time duration you choose, and the goal you set will dictate everything that will make this a success. For an MMA figure, a full-body workout is very important. Although you need to work for at least 10-15 minutes there is no hard and fast rule if you adjust the intensity. Another very important thing is that the effectiveness of the workout is greatly dependent on the way you adjust the energy, intensity, and time. If your workouts don’t help you meet goals you should track the progress and see where you lack. This will eventually be used to optimize and upgrade your workout routine and you will meet your goal.





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