BJJ / NoGi grappling seminar at Berserk MMA- Stockholm, Sweden

It was my great pleasure to teach a  NoGi grappling seminar last Monday at Berserk MMA back home in Sweden.

The beautiful and super clean facilities at Berserk MMA

Berserk MMA was founded by my friend Johan Halldin, who is also the owner of Fighter Magazine, Scandinavia's leading martial arts publication. The attitude there is very relaxed and, in a word: healthy!

The seminar attendants were mostly beginners - inter,educate submission wrestling and MMA athletes and the focus for me was simply to share how best approach the subject of rolling: from the handshake to the first grip to grip fighting to positional dominance, with a big focus on the guard (open and closed)

We covered the 6 most common gripping methods NoGi and the 9 best places to grip on the opponent. We then combined these with the 6 most efficient "bridge" between you and the opponent (the first being the 2-on-1 then the overlook...etc).

A constant recurrence was short rounds of flow rolling where the skills were being integrated into their pre-existing grappling game.

I had a great time in Stockholm and the feedback I got from the seminar attendees was very positive. It was fun teaching abroad (well, technically I was home!) for the first time and teaching a grappling seminar for three hours in Swedish was knackering! But I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

I'd like to thank Johan for inviting me and Niklas for housing and feeding me for the night (everything was shut by the time we finished and left!) and of course to everyone at Berserk MMA for being great sports! See you very soon, I hope.


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