BJJ / Grappling Dojo visit: Factory BJJ in Stockport / Greater Manchester

Factory BJJ: "Industry conquers all"

As a newly qualified teacher, I don't normally have time during the school terms to visit local academies run by friends I've known for years and Factory BJJ, run by Combat Base black belt Adam Adshead, is one such local jiujitsu academy. I had visited Factory twice before, but only to attend seminars by John B Will so I had never attended a regular class by Adam. Therefore, when my Easter break started, I promised myself I'd visit at least 2-3 of these academies and visiting Factory was on the top of my list.

"Adam is the definition of an ambitious and
professional martial arts instructor" John B Will

I contacted Adam yesterday and asked if I could drop into his day time class and he was happy to oblige. Factory BJJ have recently moved premises to bigger, nicer ones, albeit just a walk down the road from the old location. In fact, the day time class attended was the first proper full day at the new location.

The 10am class was small with 5 adults ranging from blue to black belts and one child. Adam's teaching style is so detailed that he simply showed three techniques and how to link them. We drilled these techniques with a variety of partners and levels of resistance then had a few quick rolls and immediately I was able to perform the techniques Adam showed, even though my training partners knew the techniques were coming. That is a testament to Adam's detailed instruction.

Thanks to the team for welcoming me to Factory BJJ

If you live in the South Manchester / Stockport area, I strongly recommend you drop into Factory BJJ and learn from Adam and his team of instructors.

It's clear to see that Factory BJJ in Stockport will grow into a beautiful jiujitsu haven with its fantastic mat space and facilities. They're still settling into the new building so I look forward to visiting them again to take more pictures (though I doubt it will be very soon. Ah the joys of teaching!)



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