BJJ / Grappling tips: How to prevent the guard pass and improve your triangle choke

Are people passing whenever you attempt to triangle choke them?
Not cool. The triangle choke is an iconic attack within grappling arts and if it didn't work unless you had long skinny legs, it would never had become a part of judo, a martial art and sport created by the Japanese.

It's all about creating the right angles and applying the pressure at the right time.

Here are a few details I've encountered over the years from the great Renzo Gracie and his nephew Ralek Gracie. I love these details as they allow me with my stocky legs to finish the triangle choke on big, muscly opponents I'm likely to find in my weight category.

Create a straight arm frame against your knee:

Renzo Gracie:

Dominate the arms within the triangle choke and shoulder walk:

Ralek Gracie:



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