BJJ / Grappling Tips: RNC - Variations on the Rear Naked Choke

The best submission in Brazilian / Gracie jiujitsu, Nogi grappling or MMA is the rear naked choke or Mata Leão (translates to the lion killer). Done well, it is close to impossible to defend or esacpe it. I'm lucky enough to have been taught the details of how to set it up, secure it and finish it by no less than the great Rickson Gracie.

Watching intently as Master Rickson Gracie explains
 the finer points of the Rear Naked Choke on my friend and
 instructor Professor David Onuma.

Some of the best instructionals out there is Stephan Kesting's tutorial below. I've also found a couple of really handy additional tips from both him and Robert Drysdale. I hope you benefit from them.

Stephan Kesting I:

Stephan Kesting II:

Robert Drysdale:

Tod Tanaka and his team at Team HK (including a medical professional) show us what to do if someone gets choked out:



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