How to escape the mounted position III

Last BJJ / Grappling tips post and the one before talked about how to start the elbow knee escape from mounted position and then how to / when to execute it. In this one we’ll look more at what happens once you’ve escaped: correct conclusion. Just like the start/approach, the execution of escapes (or any technique) in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Grappling involves a number of deep elements: Just like the start/approach and the execution of escapes (or any technique) in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Grappling, the closing stage involves a number of magical and secret elements:

1. Prevent the recovery (e.g. using your inside leg to heavily trap their leg in half guard one you’ve escaped their mount)
2. Settle into your new position (e.g. once you’ve trapped their leg in half guard, start settling into a good half guard by protecting against the cross face, turning on your side and working for the underhook and other postures and pressures)
3. Start working for your next transition (e.g. from that solid half guard, post your inside arm against the inside of their knee, switch your control of their leg to your outside leg and start pulling your inside knee out to full guard)

Once again: If your escapes are not working, before anything else, check the list on the first post of these three.

If, however, you are adhering to everything on that list, start looking at the elements from the 2nd post.

If, and only if, you are adhering to everything on both lists, start looking at the elements above.

Here are some mount escape-specific examples that may occur once your start/approach and execution are perfect:

1. If you find that you do escape only to be quickly put back into mount or they switch to side control, you need to ensure you’re not giving them the underhook and to pay more attention to where their weight and centre of gravity is. If it’s rising then you have the option of either trapping that leg better and heavier into half guard or maybe using that space to simply shrimp away then get to your knees or even feet.

In the pic above, grappler in red raises his centre of gravity and tries a knee-thru pass but he has no underhook or even a whizzer and guy in purple could clamp on the leg tighter, flow under for a deep half guard or just flow to his knees, the guy’s back or just do a technical stand up!

2. If you feel like your escape is taking you from the fire (mount) into the frying pan (half guard bottom with a cross-face from hell), you most likely need to anticipate where your escape is taking you and be ready for the new position and it’s unique requirements. The PAW to the rescue!

3. If you find your flow from newly-acquired-half-guard to full guard to be sometimes smooth and sometimes damn near impossible, chances are your transition from one geography to the next is still rusty. This is something that will come with time on the BJJ / Grappling mat. Always strive to link the end of one position to the beginning of the next because your opponent’s balance is already in jeopardy so you might as well ride the flow. Need I really say it again? Why not! Flow with the Go!

Here is one common example of what might happen as you attempt to escape the mount (countering the technical mount), demonstrated by my friend and instructor, Royler Gracie Black belt Mr Eddie Kone.

Stay protected before, during and after the execution of your jiujitsu technique.


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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