BJJ Gi Review - BadBoy Pro Series

BadBoy. Old school brand. One of the first to support the jiujitsu and MMA scene. Last summer, I started a collaboration project with their team here in the UK so when the opportunity came to review their Pro Series BJJ gi, I jumped at it.

Starting back in the day with surf Tshirts, BadBoy sponsored the legend Rickson Gracie for a Rio seminar and their place in jiujitsu history was cemented for ever.

Disclosure and cost:
The fantastic guys at BadBoy - UK sent me this gi to review. BadBoy - UK sell the white BadBoy Pro series gi for £99.99 while the BadBoy USA $155. 

Gi Review:
My first expectation of a BadBoy gi was that it'd have a loud design, or at least too loud for my liking but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes there are patches on the shoulders and pants. Yes there is one on the upper back too but, that's it! It's actually quite a stylish gi.

The gi arrived in a Pro Series gi bag and weighs approximately 2.1kg. "It's not the lightest" I thought to myself when I went to fetch it at the post office but when I opened that package I realised why.

Gi jacket skirt and sleeve cuffs
This gi is built to last. In the video review below, you hear me say "sturdy" at least 5 times and I meant each one of them.
Shoulder patches

The weave ripstop and ripstop and very ripstop, with double reinforced areas and triple stitching where needed (e.g. the knees...etc.).

This is lovely warm gi you will welcome if you train and live in a cold country. The fabric is preshrunk so it shouldn't change size / shape with regular washing.

Wing Span : 160 cm (63 inch)
Wrist Cuff: 15 cm (6 inch)
Jacket Length: 79 cm (31 inch)
Jacket Width: 59 cm (23 1/2 inch)

Waist Width: 56 cm (22 inch)
Outside Leg Measurement: 94 cm (37 inch)
Inside LM: 67 cm (26 1/2 inch)
Ankle Cuff: 25 cm (10 inch)

Probably the simplest Gi Map you've ever seen :)

Sexy action shot I 
The general fit of the gi is like a fitted suit. In the video review you clearly see how the jacket wraps around just enough without any overflowing material.

Sexy action shot II

I don't usually do (or like) video reviews but I did promise them one and since my brother is one of the genius brains behind production company THLL, he made me look much better than in real life:

Sturdy. Here are some brief info tidbits from the Bad Boy UK:

Bad Boy Gi - White
The Bad Boy Pro Series BJJ GI range is designed specificaly for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete who is looking for the highest quality and craftsmanship along with a great edgy design. The Pro-series Gi is made using only the finest quality materials on the market and come highly  recommended by Top BJJ athletes. The new and advanced Rip-Stop material is carefuly woven and very lightweight making it ideal to carry around and is very comfortable. The moisture wicking fabric is also reinforced by triple stitching on all of the stress points. The GI comes complete with rope drawstrings as opposed to the traditional twill style which makes the belt much more secure. The double reinforced knee padding with new embroidery designs make this the perfect Gi for all BJJ athletes looking for comfort, style, and durability.This GI suit comes with a GI bag.
In short? A really great and stylish gi for winter training and long sessions and seminars from a legend in the sport.



Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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valdo aluppi said...

I live in an hot country do you think i should avoid this gi and, furthermore, is it fast to dry?

Liam H Wandi said...

Hi Valdo

No not at all it will dry relatively fast.

Please do note that it's quite stiff (which I think is lovely!) and that it's not IBJJF legal.

valdo aluppi said...

I'll use it only for training so i guess it will be ok and the stiffness is not a matter at all. Anyway thanks a lot