The Part Time Grappler losing weight: Week 2

Ok. Weight loss update. 

As you may remember, I relaxed my diet and did no jiu jitsu (or much exercise really except for yoga and one day of kayaking) while on holiday and picked up some holiday weight. 

Nature is always close in Africa
My pre-holiday weight was around the 83-84kg mark but coming back I was 89.7kg. Now I know some of that was water and what not, but it doesn't really matter for your back and knee joints. All they know is that you're heavy and it sucks. My challenge was to lose all the excess weight by Valentine's Day (14th Feb) and here's my latest update.  

Thanks to the wonderful diet we've put together over the years and getting back into my usual training routine, this Saturday I weighed 86.0kg. That's a 1.4kg (3.1lb) drop from last week's 87.4kg and a total weight loss of 3.7kg (8.1lb) from two weeks ago. That's more than half a pound per day. If we presume that, say, that even 75% of that is fat (and the rest is water) then to lose that simply by increasing exercise alone would have meant doing approximately 3.4hrs of running per day, every day!

I did this by eating fantastically delicious meals all week long. I cut out (most) carbs from my diet and only left a select few in. My meals* consisted of delicious fish, chicken, meat or eggs cooked with a variety of vegetables, beans and salads. Oh and nuts. I love almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts. 

A typical mid week dinner:
Oven-grilled salmon (with the lovely skin),
a mountain of salad, fried cauliflower and
a scrambled egg

On Saturdays I enjoyed anything and everything my heart desired. I regularly post Saturday Food Porn on facebook but these pictures from last night's dinner are a brilliant example: my wife's wonderful pasta bake followed by cherry pie and vanilla custard. And yes, I had seconds!

Fresh pasta, sausage, cheese, eggs and loveliness

I'm showing my age when I say this, but
cherry pie always reminds me of TWIN PEAKS :)

Losing weight is not that complicated and with the Saturday feast I know I can easily skip sugary treats in the week. 

I've tried other methods in the past such as calorie counting and increasing my weekly exercise but that was just ball busting. Most of the time, it either was too slow or didn't even work!

In the words of Jacare, the founder of Team Alliance:

"You lose weight in the kitchen. You get fit in the gym"

Speak soon

*Breakfast is different. That's the time I have my choice carbohydrates. More about what they are and why I chose them in a future post.



Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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Roger said...

Keep up the good work!!

Also, I was wondering if you were going to post any more thoughts from your experience at the Rickson seminar?

Liam H Wandi said...

Many thanks Roger. Master Rickson's words and concepts colour everything I do on the mat. I will deffo be writing more about them :)