What are the 50 most common mistakes to avoid in BJJ?

I recently received the a BJJ instructional DVD from the uber talented Mr Adam Adshead, BJJ brown belt under the flag of Combat Base BJJ and head instructor at Factory BJJ in the neighbouring Stockport / Reddish area. The title of the DVD, as you can see from the picture above, is "50 common mistakes to avoid in BJJ". Immediately, I'm excited and really looking forward to watching and reviewing this material for the following reasons:

1. Adam is a skilled practitioner of the art of BJJ
2. Adam is a skilled competitor in BJJ and NoGi grappling (see below match from The Manchester Open from when he was still a BJJ purple belt)
3. Adam is a skilled instructor of grappling
4. Adam does not rest (ever, I believe) when it comes to furthering his knowledge in all the above three fields
5. Most importantly (IMO), Adam is a very nice person. I dig nice people.

I suggested to Adam that before publishing the BJJ DVD review that I would conduct a quick interview with him about it. I have a few good questions but I would rather get your questions and field them to him so here is your opportunity.

Click on the envelope on the right, leave a comment here or where this article is published on Facebook or Twitter and send me your questions for Adam and I will try to get as many as possible incorporated.


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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Machado39 said...

I found this article that covers 50 common mistakes in BJJ. It is by Stephan Kesting who is a legit blackbelt.

Here is the link. Hope you don't mind me sharing it. Content is delivered through a series of short youtube instructionals.