BJJ Tips: Passing open guard: Grips, How to approach and Where to put your hands

BJJ escalates very quickly. Approach a good guard player incorrectly and you open yourself to attacks, sweeps and takedowns you could live happily without. Allow your opponent to get advantageous grips on you and and a good one will make you pay. Before you know it, you've had your back taken and your tapping faster than a woodpecker.

In my opinion, Saulo Ribiero's first series "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Revolution" does a fantastic job of introducing the subject of appraoch and grips when passing the guard. Saulo is a great instructor and his focus on correct fundamental jiu jitsu is sucha pleasure. If you are not sure what I mean by approach and in guard grip gighting have a look at the two videos below by Mr Ken Primola, Gracie Jiu jitsu black belt from the Relson Gracie lineage and an accomplished wrestler:

Grip fighting when approaching / passing guard: 

Hand placememnt on the hip when passing the guard: 


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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