BJJ Tips: Details are key and a guard opening technique by Pedro Sauer black belt Mr Keith Owen.

One of the best things about BJJ is that I can train with my brother. He's a wonderful 16 year old and thanks to sharing this interest, I get to spend a couple of hours with him grappling on the mat every Friday.

He came down to our Wednesday BJJ Fundamentals session last week and was paired with one Mike, one of our top notch players. I noticed that Mike was drilling and resisting at the appropriate level for both of them to get a great session and practice their jiu jitsu skills against progressive resistance so I left them to it.

When I caught with Sam on the Friday following, he gave me one of the best compliments a BJJ instructor could get:

-The guy I rolled with, has he taken any private sessions from you or has he at least been training for a good while with you?
-Yeah, both. Why?
-He was showing me a couple of things and the level of detail really reminded me of how you usually teach me

I was over the moon! It's one thing when you get a nice compliment on your jiu jitsu skills but for me getting a compliment on how technical my jiu jitsu instruction is and how that shows in one of our students and athletes down at the Labs really trumps it!

As a nice bonus, here is a sweet (and very technical) guard opening strategy by Pedro Sauer black belt Mr Keith Owen on a completely different level! I hope you enjoy it.


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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TFP said...

Nice vid Liam :) Keith's a good friend of mine, very technical instructor :)