BJJ bloggers training together: Carl Fisher visits Manchester

Carl Fisher, aka the Fighting Photographer, visited Fighting Fit Manchester and The Labs BJJ – NoGi – MMA. Carl has been in the game for a long time and has reported for many martial arts magazines such as Ultimate Grappling and, more recently, Europe's first BJJ publication Jiu Jitsu Style. Carl brough along his mahoosive camera and took a few snaps (check out my blinged up gi from my sponsors Predator Fightwear!). If I said once, I said it a thousand times: Many thanks to Carl Fisher for taking the time out of his uber-busy schedule to come down and spend a couple of hours with us and having a grapple.

First, we had Seymour "Meerkatsu" Yang. We soon after that had David "Malandro" Onuma who is now our BJJ head instructor and of course Can "Slideyfoot" Sönmez. BJJ Bloggers: UNITE!

1 brown belt, 4 purple belts, 4 blue belts and about a hundred really sharp white belts!

On the way home, I was chatting to my purple belt friend Dr Carroll and we both talked about how much we love the place where we train BJJ. BJJ is a very humbling sport and you face challenges every time you step on the tatami so you can’t really get good thru discipline alone. You have to love the place and love the people you roll with. Look at us! We are such a happy bunch.

That's my brother! I am teaching with my little brother Sam Wandi. How lucky am I?

If you ask a question about triangles, I'm gonna triangle you. It's only fair.

Will you feast your eyes on that! Emboidered logos rule!

Do you see the Part Time Grappler logo on the gi? Do you see my beard? Connection?

"You Shall Not Pass!"
 Man I love Fighting Fit Manchester!


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

Proudly sponsored by Predator Fightwear: Built for the kill

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TFP said...

An absolute pleasure to come down and share the fun with you guys :) The first of many visits guys :)