BJJ / Grappling Interview: Ryan Hall by Stephan Kesting

Stephan Kesting recently sent out an email advising he will be interviewing Ryan Hall of 50/50 BJJ() and asked if we had any questions we'd want him to ask at the interview. Ryan, a black belt from Brasa, has become a known BJJ household name in the BJJ community both during his rise to fame as a student of Lloyd Irvine Jr and also in more recent years as he has grown with his grappling journey, training with Bruno Fazzato, Marcelo Garcia and others.

I've always liked Ryan Hall, not because of all the amazing things he can do on the mat, but because his success never seemed to faze him. He always came across as very humble and centred young man.

The question I sent in, I am quite sure I was one of many who sent this in, was about the ratio Ryan Hall employs between drilling and sparring. Luckily, Stephan does manage to squeeze the question in and the answer was actually a little surprising. The whole interview is really awesome and I recommend it highly.

Here is a link to Stephan Kesting's interview with ADCC 2011 competitor Ryan Hall:

Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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Megan said...

Beautiful video. Way too much going on for me to even try to understand. Love the second song too.