BJJ / Grappling Techniques: Armbar from Closed Guard

How to perform an armbar from guard in BJJ on someone who knows what they are doing, an expeerienced opponent. Roger Gracie black belt Nick Gregoriades off shows us the technical details of controlling and locking the arm in a very tight arm bar from the closed guard. From grips, to controlling the arm, to locking the shoulder all the way to obtaining the correct angle for your guard and attacking with the armbar. Nick shows you how to perform the armbar in a way that counters what an advanced BJJ player would do to defend the armlock from closed guard.

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Megan said... mind is reeling. I've never even considered the use of a high guard...or using full guard in stages in setting up an armbar.

Considering this is one of my weaker submissions...I...need to play with it.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Deffo check it out. The heart of EVERY submission is good positional control and by climbing your control high into the armpits you gain better control.

Let us know how it goes :)