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A couple of days ago I posted on Facebook how there's so much rubbish BJJ online and a lot of the reactions I received agreed with me. As a Part Time Grappler, time is my most precious resource. I don't want to waste it on YouTube clips that either teach me nothing or, even worse, something wrong.

I recently received a wonderful iPod touch from my wife as a Christmas gift and it's the best thing ever (thank you!). The first thing I uploaded to it was Saulo's Revolution 2 - the turtle position*. I watch that thing every morning now on the way to work and it has given me immediate and fantastic results.

There's only one problem: downloading the discs to the computer, converting them to Mpeg4 and uploading them to a iPod friendly version on iTunes takes AGES! THAT'S JUST FOR ONE DISC. This is not to mention that the discs do not come cheap**

I thought to myself I know! I'll look for some good BJJ / Grappling apps. Apps are much quicker to download and play instantly and with it being 2011 surely there are hundreds of great BJJ apps to choose from.

Is there? Is there heck!

Yes I found two or three but they were either discontinued, had bad reviews, subscription based, expensive or promotional***. I am starving for some good BJJ apps for the iPod touch. Something that'll cost under a £5er and offer me solutions, hints and tips. Something that helps me build a game. not "here's an armbar from guard and a footlock from side control. Wanna learn how to link them? Buy my shizzle"

Any recommendations out there good people?

(this just in. Graham Cooke of Blog Fu recently did a post on the matter of BJJ Apps so check it out!)
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*Actually, the first thing I downloaded was Angry Birds :)

**Even if you are a cheap-skate and you download them illegally, it has a cost in quality and time

***I don't mind ones where you can try it for free or have one or two techniques for free but not $1.99 and then $4.99 for updates.


graham cooke said...

Hey Liam, this is not a comment just to pimp my blog but it just so happens I wrote a post on this very thing..... I expect that some of the techniques in these apps may be a little rudimentary for a BJJ purple belt, but if you have a spare few quid and you want to try them out, these are a few of the ones I have downloaded and refer to regularly:


(please bear in mind I train pretty much exclusively nogi and i do not have an instructor so what works for me might not be suitable/advanced enough for others)

The Part Time Grappler said...

@Graham thank you so very much for posting this dude! Make sure you hit the envelope and drop me a quick line about where you train. Once again, very grateful for the link.

Megan said...

I like Stephan Kesting's stuff. They're staples for flights for me. Not sure if they're on touch too though.

Megan said...

...and yes, Angry Birds is great. You ready for the movie?

The Part Time Grappler said...

@Megan......Angry....Birds....Movie?!!!! You better not be messing me about young lady!!!!!

As for Kesting, I love everything he touches. But his apps are for Subs and Sweeps. I prefer what saulo did with his dvds: one position per dvd. I'm a scatter brain :)