BJJ / Grappling Tips: When is the best time to train BJJ / Grappling?

Do you ever feel too tired to attend your usual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Grappling / MMA session? It could be due to lack of sleep, bad diet or even too little recovery time. Or it could simply be that you are not training when you’re at your best.

Wakey wakey!

It is important to recognize when you are at your best (also called your Prime Time “PT”) and to try to make the best of it. While most of us are somewhat restricted by the schedule of the BJJ academy / gym we train at, there are still a couple of things we can do to optimize our use of this rhythmic cycle:

I look like a Koala bear!

1. Watch what you eat. A heavy (or even moderate) meal can make you lethargic and sleepish, especially if includes a glass of wine or the like (big no-no). One of the best tips I could give you for this is to always include a small portion of protein in your meals. I personally try to stick to the Warrior Diet where I eat mostly fruit and vegetables thru-out the day, but I still include some peanut butter, some mozzarella / feta cheese or a boiled egg with the meals. Protein has many functions but in this context, I use it to slow the uptake of carbs into the blood stream.

2. Stay hydrated. Even l% dehydration can cause symptoms such as headaches, dry eyes, loss of concentration and irritability (not the best person to play iChoke with!). Always stay hydrated and make pure water your best friend.
3. Use your prime time. If your academy only has evening sessions and you feel that your prime time is early mornings before work, why not use 10-15 minutes of that time to do some yoga, swiss ball drills, meditation or even some running or other cardio. Even better, ask around and see if someone is willing to do some rolling or drills in the morning at the academy. I warn you however, the mats will be cold.
Not very Part Time Grappler, but I couldn't resist!

How about you my Part Time Grappler friends? When is your PT? What can you do to optimize your day?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been this person >(not the best person to play iChoke with!). Thanks for the article. It makes a lot of sense. My school has two locations and lots of class times. However, I still run into a brick wall about an hour or two before class. It's so frustrating. I want to go to class but I'm too tired. Part of the problem is that I work twelve hour nights and tend to get my days and nights mixed up. My body doesn't know when to sleep.. But I like your suggestion about diet and hydration. That may help off set the sleep/wake problem some. Thanks again,

The Part Time Grappler said...

Thank you Jodi.

You are a true PTGrappler! 12 hours night shifts sounds harsh. I did them a long long time ago and wouldn't want to do them again.

Protein is very important for you. small amounts with lots of greens and fibre. and of course the hydration.

Best of luck, my new hero!

A.D. McClish said...

Like this a lot. I am like you, Liam. I try to get some good sources of protein during the day. I like to eat bananas, too, to prevent cramping. I used to drink coffee in the morning a lot, but I found that it left me tired at the end of the day. So I cut most of the caffeine out of my diet.

I think it is great how BJJ has changed the way I look at food. I don't think as much about dieting--though I still obsess over my weight. I think more about what will fuel me best and make me strongest.

The Part Time Grappler said...

@Allie beautiful thinking! That's how a sport becomes a positive and healthy life style. Soon you will be packing your husband a healthy lunch or snack :)