BJJ Tips: Nova Uniao Black Belt Robson Moura Advises White and Brown Belts

Caleb and Dan of the Fightworks Podcast have been busy lately and not able to produce the weekly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu show. In my search to update my BJJ / Grappling / martial arts knowledge, I've been looking around iTunes for audio material to listen to while I'm on the train to and from work but also to serve as background to my 5-a-week gym visits. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a number of interviews with none less than 7 time world BJJ champion and Nova Uniao black belt Mr Robson Moura.

In the first podcast, Robson talks about, amongst other topics, what he feels BJJ white and brown belts should be focusing their training on respectively. Not every successful competitor makes for a good teacher but I must say judging by Robson's responses I'm very impressed.

1. White belts best spend their time focusing on making the mat "their mat". He proposed that the reason many beginners get unnecessary early injuries is because they don't spend enough time familiarising themselves with the mat and the drills he recommends are simple transitions such as breakfalls, technical stand-ups and general monkeying around. It echoed something Roy Harris once wrote about how the new, horizontal geography of ground fighting and grappling confuses BJJ beginners from say boxing, Karate and other stand-up martial arts.

2. Brown belts. Robson cleverly noted that a lot of BJJ brown belts stand in front of the class (i.e. They carry the role of instructors and/or academy owners) and many lack high level players to sharpen their proverbial swords against. The remedy he recommended was for the brown belts to constantly put themselves in bad positions. Robson Moura suggested the brown belts take a long hard look in the mirror, identify their relative weaknesses and work hard to overcome them, rather than take a lazy ride. While a white belt with 6-8 months BJJ / grappling experience may not be much of a match with his open guard or under the brown belt’s side control, he will definitely pose a serious threat from an almost completed triangle choke from guard or a rear naked choke from the back, which are positions the brown belt may find him or herself in when rolling with players of equal skill.

You would do well in both listening to Robson’s advice and in downloading these podcasts for your own listening (BJJ / Grappling Info-tainment!) pleasure.


Meerkatsu said...

Robson is coming to the UK in March I am told...should be an awesome seminar!

slideyfoot said...

Sounds interesting: is there a link other than evil iTunes? ;)

The Part Time Grappler said...

That's great news!

The Part Time Grappler said...

@slidey Ha! I'll look around buddy. What's your beef with the Looney Tunes?

slideyfoot said...

I don't like the iTunes interface, and also REALLY don't like the way Apple seeks to monopolise everything through it. Hence why I'm unlikely to be toting an iPhone any time soon. ;)

Of course, that may just be a Luddite "duh, sparkle box not working, hit with club" type mentality on my part. ;p

The Part Time Grappler said...

@Slidey haha fair enough sir! it seems possible to listen to other podcasts directly here