BJJ Time Management: Are You Always Busy on The BJJ / Grappling Mat?

  1. Are your BJJ / Grappling mat sessions busy and high-paced from start to finish?
  2. Would you say that you are constantly active?
  3. Are they productive or would you say:

  •  You are doing things that you like doing (playing whatever area of BJJ that you prefer), rather than what you should be doing (working on getting more well-rounded)?
  • You are putting your efforts into low value activities (wrestling from the knees) rather than those that will give you higher payoff for your efforts (starting every round from your least favourable position)?
  • You are putting off what you know you should really be doing?

Many BJJ-players / grapplers rarely stop to think about what they are doing and, more importantly, why they are doing it in the first place.

Start making functional changes to how you utilise the time on the mat (and off it) by ensuring you focus your attention on the things that matter. The basics. The 20 that give you the 80.

This is much easier said than done. I know. I know too well.
The funny things is, once we start doing the things we’re not too fond of (working the guard pass, side control escapes, take downs, Turtle defence…etc.) and you do them for a while, you’ll be a little better at them and by extension enjoy them more.

What are your grappling sessions like?

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BJJ Rob said...

Solid advice...the only resend I got good at guard is because I always pulled it at the beginning of matches.

A.D. McClish said...

Good challenge and great advice. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) Fabio likes to instruct the higher belts to work us in our weak areas. Sometimes he'll tell a person they have to start from under someone's mount. Or, as in my case, he'll tell my opponent to go for as many leg locks as possible. It sucks a lot of the times, but you are exactly right. Eventually you learn how to deal with whatever that "thing" is that you hate and you get a little bit better.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Many thanks to both of you. @Rob, that's exactly what I mean. Now you need to do the same with every other aspect of your game :)

@Allie, it sounds like you have a great set up where you train. Imagine being the one nobody can leg lock! You could even tempt people with them so you can climb straight to mount when they do.

Megan said...

Thanks for the reminder. I was starting from the bottom/in guard for a while, but had gotten out of the habit. It was great practice getting out of positions I disliked.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Thank you Megan. The beautiful thing is, you don't have to start every roll there, as long as you do it regularly.

I'm currently working on starting from open guard and transitioning to standing. My guard gets passed all the time but hey, it gives me a chance to work on my guard recovery and side mount escapes :)