Applying Kotler's Model to BJJ / Grappling Training

When I was studying this morning I came across the Kotler model for classifying products and services in my Social Marketing course book. Philip Kotler is a great Business and Marketing mind and in this model he pits immediate satisfaction against long-term well fare.

Of course the goal is to fill our lives with the Soc called Desirable Products (DesP) and minimise the Deficient Products (DefP).

As always, my mind wondered to how this correlates to BJJ / Grappling.

Desirable Strategies/Techniques/Movements are those that give us high scores on both Immediate Satisfaction and Long-Term Welfare, while Deficient ones would score considerably lower on both scales.

Here is a simple attempt on my behalf to fill in the model:

What would you put in the different fields?

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