Some Statistics on BJJ Players

A short while ago, the Fightworks Podcast took a BJJ / Grappling related poll idea that I suggested and ran it to their audience, famously dubbed the Mighty 600,000. The idea was very simple, but also managed to generate some pretty interesting statistics on who participates in BJJ / Grappling.

The poll attracted 515 voters, which is, by all statistical measures, a huge sample. A quick glance at basic Analytical Statistics tells you that a sample like that is more than enough for over 95% confidence level even with a +/- 5% margin. that's excellent confidence levels!

The results told us that:
  • Around 60% of BJJ /Grappling players are married (leaving 40%), which is much higher than I thought it would be. It actually supports my theory that there are a whole lot of Part Time Grapplers out there with families, jobs, kids...the lot.
  • Out of the married BJJ / Grappling aficionados, just under 80% take their wedding ring/band off before stepping onto the mat. I'm one of the minority and one of my mat-buddies just recently got married (Many Happy Congratulations Dr Lam!!) so I'm curious to what he will choose to do. I hope I never find myself in a position where I regret my decision to leave it on.
Hell hath no fury like a women, who's husband lost his wedding band at the activity he chooses to devote himself to on a weekly basis rather than spend his time with her!

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Anonymous said...

The Lamster will be taking his off!

Anonymous said...

Wait one Ladies (like myself) responded on the poll too. I'm married and take my ring off - mostly because it is a fair weapon even while not doing jiu jitsu. If my husband had a problem with my extracurricular choices that also involve me taking my ring off (but bless his heart, he doesn't and will even hold it during tournaments,) I would not be a happy woman.

A.D. McClish said...

Wow! I'm surprised so many are married. But now that I think about it, that seems about right at my gym. Huh!

The Part Time Grappler said...

LAMSTER! Once again buddy, welcome to the Dark (yet lined with romantic candles) side :)

Anonymous, why are you anonymous? We are all friends here :) Yes my statistics were defo aimed at a mix of males and females. It's just that the ladies wear more jewellery and start a younger age. This makes them more used to taking them off and NOT losing them...a fear many married men carry :)

Allie, I know exactly what you mean. It just goes to show: When we're on the mat, we don't really see each other as married or not :)