Oprah is Having a Contest and we Need Your Vote NOW

I don't know about you but I'm a HUGE fan of the Gracie Academy's Bullyproof Program for Children. Those who know me know that I used to coach kids in Karate and I loved it. Children's passion and excitement is out of this world and they are very intelligent and receptive to the great lessons of Martial Arts. Add to that the joy you see in the eyes of excited fathers when they are playing Jiu Jitsu games with their children, and you can't deny that it's a great concept.

I received this email yesterday from the Gracie Academy:

Oprah is Having a Contest and we Need Your Vote NOW

Last week Oprah announced a contest to see who will win the opportunity to have their own reality TV show on the Oprah Network TV Channel that will be launched later this year when she leaves ABC. The timing couldn't have been more perfect since we have been thinking about doing a reality TV show for several months now, and the Oprah Network would the the PERFECT channel for the concept we have in mind.

Bullyproof Featuring the Gracie Brothers

The concept for the show is simple. Every day, hundreds of thousands of kids are terrified to go to school out of fear of bullies. These kids are depressed, have no self-confidence, and unfortunately, many of them are borderline suicidal. On our TV show, the Gracie Brothers will sweep the nation's schools to find the children who are most victimized by bullies. These children will be brought to the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy where, over the period of several weeks, they will be "bullyproofed" from the inside out. By empowering the children - physically, mentally, and emotionally - we will give them the confidence to take a stand against bullies so they can take control of their lives. Without confidence, a child has no chance at success, and on this show we are going to make sure that every child gets a fair chance. We have successfully "bullyproofed" thousands of kids over the years and having this show on the air would enable us to share our methods with millions of people.

Vote for Rener NOW

All it takes is one click to cast your vote and help us save a child's life. Simply go to this link: http://myown.oprah.com/audition/index.html?request=video_details&response_id=836&promo_id=1
 to view Rener's audition video, click "Vote" and you're done! If you really want to help, you can post a super-supportive comment below the video so that Oprah's producers know that we are for real, OR if you have ever experienced bullying please share your story.

Spread the Word Like Fire

Please spread the word to everyone you think can help make it happen. Forward this email to everyone on your contact list, and then copy and paste the message below on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and all other social media networks.

Copy and Paste This Line: Vote for the Gracies and help save the American youth! Click here to vote now


Most importantly, you're allowed to vote multiple times, and all it takes is one click. So, when you log in, please vote 10, 15, 20, or even 100 times! And, when you're at work, and your not busy, log on and vote away. The deadline is July 3, 2010, and only the top 5 candidates will go on to the next level, so until then, let it rip!

IMPORTANT: It takes 30-60 minutes for your votes to show, so don't lose faith, keep clicking away and all your votes will count as soon as the system registers them.

Thanks guys! We really appreciate the help. Once we have a show on the Oprah Network there's no telling how many kids we can help.

Ryron & Rener
You may or may not be a fan of the work of the Gracie Academy and may or may not have affiliation with them. The question is: Can you transcend your own personal opinions and preferences and remember that this is not about you or them, but about the benefit of thousands of children who could benefit immensely from this exposure?
I'll hold my hand up first and admit: Other than gifts and brotherly attention to my 14 year old brother, I currently do NOTHING for the benefit of any children anywhere. I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity to vote for these guys who really are.
Someday I hope to teach BJJ / Grappling to children and I hope this show will be a reality by then.
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Fried Chicken Skin said...

I just got this set of DVD's and my daughters and I are working on Spider Kid @ level 3 right now!

Instruction is top notch and the kids are having a good time with it! Right when I get home they want to pop in the DVD and start up on the next levels!