New Beginning and a Really Cool Link

Monday the 15th of February will see the first roll on the mats of the new gym, The BJJ Labs. I created an impromptu Facebook Group for us last Wednesday and now we have over 50 members on it!
In the eternal words of Manik: "All that's left now is to have a roll!"

I'm very excited about this for many reasons:

1. It's the same coach
2. It's the same fine group of people
3. It's a better, brighter location
4. It's part of a successful long-term thinking establishment
5. They have kettlebell and Crossfit classes

More on that after the session itself.

In the meantime, here is an article with a great list of tips that will do wonders for your closed guard and, if you subscribe to my multidimensional view on grappling, your mount as well!

Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day. I hope you get lucky!

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